One is the new two

Haven’t you heard, being single is the new happy.

I have a friend who dates several men but she considers herself single.

No one to slip their laundry into your wash load.

No one’s dysfunctional family to deal with during the holidays.

No one to fight with over how to spend your Friday nights.

Life is simple when you’re single.

You want to go to a party?

You go.

You don’t tentatively accept pending a collaboration with your partner.

I’m happy being single.

It’s easy for me.

As easy as breathing out and breathing in.

Yes, there are things I miss.

Snuggling for one.

And someone to watch movies with on a Saturday night at home without feeling like a loser, for another.

But I’m making my peace with being perpetually single.

Haven’t you heard?

One is the new two.

The world is FILLED with endless possibilities.


Today I won the lottery.


I won the lottery at Stanford to get a free ticket to see Oprah Winfrey talk on Monday.

I’ve been getting kinda lucky lately….

I got a ticket to Burning Man

I scored two tickets to the impossibly sold-out Holi celebration at my work

I met Tejas who has been helping me with my Burning Man plans

What else could possibly go right?

I should buy a real lottery ticket, you know, just in case my luck leaks into the financial realm.

And maybe I should invest in some condoms, in case I really get lucky and meet someone special.

Call it optimism. Call it serendipity. Things just seem to be going good for me now.

The Maestro and his Maestra will be coming to Burning Man and staying in the same camp with me so I will likely get to OM a bit while on the Playa.

Did I mention that the Maestra is Tejas’ ex girlfriend?

It’s like “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” set in Black Rock City, no?

Could be a fun Burning Man with all sorts of excitement and connection.

But most of all, I’d just like to point out how lucky things have been lately for me.

And how incredibly appreciative I am for all that I have.