My little lumberjack

Okay, you know how I go on and on about liking lumberjacks?

Well, I don’t mean literally lumberjacks.

I’m referring to men who are handy outdoors and indoors.

Who can fix a leaky sink and back up an RV.

The kind of guy who can go for a hike in the woods and wind up rescuing a baby deer.

And the kind of guy who sports facial hair VERY WELL.

THAT’S the kind of lumberjack I mean.

Not necessarily that he chops down trees.

In fact tree chopping is discouraged.

I’d prefer he be a bit of a tree hugger, actually.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I found my PERFECT lumberjack.

And when I say lumberjack, I mean L U M B E R J A C K !

Check out my new boyfriend. . .

Yeah, I totally bought him off etsy for $12.

So worth it.

It started me thinking about a whole LUMBERJACK TREE!

Imagine red and white lights, hanging wooden disks, red flannel swags, various woodland animals, ivory knit Christmas balls, and lots of greenery.


Gets me so excited!

I can’t help myself, I just may have to create a lumberjack tree!