Reliving the good and the bad

Just the other day I was chatting with Yvonne over dinner and the topic of Lupin Lodge came up in comparison to Harbin Hot Springs.  In my experience, Harbin is a bit more comfortable a space to walk around naked in than Lupin Lodge on account of the guys chasing tail at Lupin.

I had to go back and read Yvonne some of my posts from my first trip to SoulFire (which are now private on account of them mentioning He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Mentioned.

So I’m posting some of what I wrote below:


What could I possibly write to capture the bright lights, holographic, mystical fun that was SoulFire?

It was, in all honesty, the best party I’ve ever been to with 350 of my closest and dearest friends.  You instantly felt at home.

It was also an ego fest for me.

Two younger men, Father Figure and Mr. Security, were chasing my tail. Father Figure did it much better than Mr. Security, who felt compelled to adjust my top without my permission whenever he felt like it.

I was camping with Tejas in his RV.

motorbeastIt was hard, hot work setting up camp, which is great when you’re having sex but sucks when you’re organizing an RV.

We set up on Friday afternoon and got down to the business of having fun with other guests.

I wore my Orgasm Donor t-shirt.

orgasm donorWe went to our local pub – the Dusty Bumm. The Dusty Bumm has a ceiling canopy made entirely of women’s thongs. I have a black vinyl one I want to donate to the cause.

At the Dusty Bumm, they’d make you whatever drink they could for you and then you’d stand around and enjoy it with new friends.

Everyone was friendly at SoulFire. Everyone hugged hello and goodbye.

Everyone kissed.

It was heaven.

Tejas and I ventured to the pool and hot tub and had some fun soaking while he talked to people about OMing.

I left (naked) with Mr. Security, who showed me his hut in the mountains and shared a “cigarette” with me.

The rest of the evening is mostly a blur of walking around naked, finding my clothes, going back to my RV. Trying to find Tejas. Mr. Security cooking dinner for me because I was too drunk to do it myself.

After eating dinner, Mr. Security and I decided to wander around. We made our way to the Dusty Bumm. I was wearing nothing but a tank top and red underwear at this point. Someone came up to me and told me I needed to help Tejas, that he was really drunk.

I found Tejas sitting on a bench across from the Dusty Bumm, happy as a clam and ready to go to bed.

With the help of a Ranger, we managed to walk him to the RV where I got him ready for bed, before he crashed.

It’s wasn’t a super late night, but it wasn’t an early one either.

So to recap:

  • Michelle was so drunk a guy had to cook her dinner
  • Tejas got so drunk he had to go to bed early
  • Michelle lost her clothes, then found them hours later
  • Michelle walked around naked for a while
  • Tejas had a great time having women sit on his lap at the Dusty Bumm

A GREAT time was had by all and my only regret is that I can’t remember more of the evening. But hopefully that’ll return to me in time. Until then, party on, right!


UPDATE:  I NEVER recovered any more memories of that night.  WHAT was in that cigarette?

SoulFire: The Shirtcocking Chronicles

Do you know what shirtcocking is?

It’s when a man walks around naked wearing nothing but a shirt (often an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt) with his peen hanging out underneath.

Shirt + cock = shirtcocking

Shirtcocking is tolerated with amusement at Burning Man and regionals.

It is thought that shirtcocking originates when a man wants to walk around naked (a perfectly acceptable past time at a naturist retreat) but he’s worried about burning his chest, back, and shoulders, so he puts on a shirt.

There was A LOT of shirtcocking at Lupin this past weekend.

Maybe because of the 95 degree heat.

The only thing to do was get naked and jump in the pool to cool off.

I went to the pool and saw a lot of peen this past weekend.

It seems like there’s always at least twice as many men as women at the pool.

But hanging out at the pool was great.

I love seeing body diversity – tall, round, short, squat, slim, and everything in between.

Of course as my friend The Blonde Goddess put it, “There’s nothing like being at a nude resort to make you feel fat.”

I had my issues, but I fought them and in the end had a wonderful time.

I’ve drunk my fill of naked men and women.

And those shirtcockers?

Well, I just let them shirtcock.

And giggled on the inside.

Here’s my picture of all the cocks that were shirtcocking:


SoulFire: The Heat Stroke Chronicles

white witch michelleMaybe it was just me.

Maybe everyone else did just fine.

But I managed to get myself good and overheated as well as dehydrated at SoulFire TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Tejas and I arrived on Friday at 10 am and set up camp in the heat. Once camp was set up we drank rum and cokes until I started to worry that I wasn’t getting enough liquid so I drank 3 diet cokes.

Just a word of advice: Diet Coke DOES NOT PREVENT DEHYDRATION.

No it does not.

Because at about 9 pm after battling a dehydration headache for about two hours, I gave up and went to bed with 3 Tylenol RIGHT WHEN THINGS WERE GETTING GOOD!

I laid there, freezing cold, wanting a bed partner to snuggle with while I recovered.

But no, there were no bed partners to be found.

I laid in bed until about 1 am, then got up to party only to find that the party was winding down.

So back to bed.

Try again another day.

Cue Saturday.

I’m drinking TONS of coconut water to keep me hydrated and yet with the 95 degree heat I still manage to overheat.

Dante took me to the Restaurant to sit in air conditioning and cool down.

I was dizzy walking up the hill to the Restaurant (even though I was wearing nothing but pink ruffled panties and a crochet bikini fringe top).

There was an art exhibit going on in the Restaurant and I found that if I positioned myself just right I could stare at a picture of a dolphin while the vent blew cold air up my butt.

It was amazing!

So, lessons learned:

Diet Coke is not the same as water

Coconut juice will not prevent overheating

Do what you need to take care of yourself

However, if you fuck up (like me) then friends are so helpful when you’re not feeling well.

Love to Tejas for giving me Tylenol and love to Dante for cooling me down.

michelle and tejas

SoulFire is coming up!

white witch michelleI will be camped out in my tent, Pete, with Tejas.

He didn’t want to bring the RV this time so we’re tenting it.

I’ve got all sorts of costumes to wear:

My rainbow jumpsuit

My see-through kaftan

My white wizard outfit

My light up tutu

I’m totally excited to see what SoulFire brings to me and what I bring to it.

I’ve got gifts to give away – light up rings, SPF30 organic chapstick, AND LED HEART PINS!


Last Soulfire I went to I wrote about some friends and got TOTALLY BUSTED!

So this year there will be no posting about SoulFire, save my own escapades there.

I got a little wild last time. We’ll have to see what transpires this time.

Will I hook up with someone new and have a serious makeout sesh?

Will I traipse around naked by the pool and hot tub?

Will I get nicely inebriated and dance my head off?

Chances of all things happening are pretty good, so cross your fingers, say a prayer, and wish the best for me!

‘Cuz it’s gonna be fun!

Kissing all the boys (and girls)

IMG_8059What can I say about SoulFire except it has to be experienced to be truly appreciated for what it is – an intimate party with friends at a nudist resort.

There was a lot of fun going on, both clothed and unclothed.

I arrived on Friday afternoon with Tejas in the motorbeast. We quickly set up camp and then got down to business – drinking rum and cokes and checking out all the other participants.

Pretty soon, I was smoking clove cigarettes and floating from tent to tent, saying hi to everyone and meeting new people. People like the Rocket Scientist, Hoop Girl, and Big Boy (these are not their real playa names, btw).

I stepped in and did a little bartending at the local watering hole – Ali Bar Bar. It was fun to mix drinks for people and watch them get their groove on.

Before I knew it, Father Figure (from Precompression) had showed up and we were making out. Nothing like a younger man to get the blood flowing. Then I moved on to The Giant (thusly named because he’s tall and handsome).

The Giant deserves his own blog post so all I will say about him for now is that he was a great kisser and SUCH A SWEET GUY. Felt like I hit the lottery.

I also kissed Rocket Scientist. And I maybe kissed Cuddle Buddy too, who curled up with me in a cuddle puddle on Saturday night for 10 minutes of snuggling and kissing.

Saturday morning rolled around and as people walked by our camp, I’d remember kissing them too.

Finally, I turned to Tejas and said, “I think I kissed six men last night.”

“Oh, is that all?” he asked.

Just then our neighbor strolled up. Tall, blonde and willowy, with the face of a goddess, she said hi to us and paused.

“Have you met Michelle?” Tejas asked.

“Yes, I have,” she replied. “Intimately.”

I looked at Tejas, shrugged, and said, “6 men, 1 woman.”

IMG_8073 IMG_8075



poolLupin Lodge, where SoulFire is held, is clothing optional, except at the pool where bathing suits are not allowed.

Within minutes of arriving at Lupin, I’d spotted about half a dozen naked men and several naked women.

Was it shocking?

At first it blows your mind – seeing all these naked body parts. OMG! But rather quickly it becomes the norm and the nudity kind of fades into the background.

There’s a special pleasure that I take in being naked – whether I’m skinny dipping in the pool, soaking in the hot tub, or wandering around camp.

I did make a big deal of being naked though – announcing it to my friends and everyone who would listen, “I lost my clothes and had to walk around the festival naked…”

Most people said that losing one’s clothes was a good thing.

You may wonder – do people stare, is it awkward?

The answer is no. In fact, in my experience there’s less ogling at Lupin than there is at an athletic club.

People are much more respectful when you’re naked because there’s a lot of vulnerability that goes into being naked.

You also get accustomed to body diversity. People come in all shapes and sizes and seeing the diversity made me feel better about my own unique physical attributes. I enjoyed showing off what I have (a great ass and nice big tits).

It was fun getting changed inside and outside the RV and not worrying who saw me changing. But then again, I’m an exhibitionist, so it’s a given I’d enjoy something like that.

In the end, I was glad I found the courage to go naked, at least for a little while. It was an experience in vulnerability and self-acceptance. I think more people should head to Lupin or to nude beaches to experience social nudity.

I’m not a naturalist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy a good naked romp through the woods and a dip in a pool.

If that makes me perverted, it’s a badge I’ll wear proudly.

Me and the naked spa

It’s no surprise that I go to the naked spa for treatments. However what I failed to mention in my earlier posts is that I also like co-ed naked hot springs.

I’ve been to Lupin Lodge in the Santa Cruz Mountains  and Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown and both have been very enjoyable experiences for me.

Sometimes you just want to laze around the pool naked, soak in the sun, and go skinny dipping.

Is it weird being around all those naked people? Not really. Everyone is very respectful and keeps thir eyes at eye level. It’s almost like the nudity ceases to exist.

I think as Americans our attitudes towards non-sexual nudity is backwards. We act as if all nudity is bad and everyone should cover up. We don’t want our children seeing it. But we take them to art galleries where there are naked figures and paintings on display and we call it art. Why the difference? What makes one naked body art and another naked body sinful?

I think the answer is conditioning. It’s part of our culture. And it likely has a lot to do with the oversexualization of women in pornography and advertising. We treat the naked human body like it’s sinful because we see it as something that serves a sexual purpose only. We have no concept of the body as beautiful in its infinite variety.

I find naked bodies comforting. It’s great to see the variety of shapes and sizes out there. It makes me feel good about my own beautiful yet imperfect body. I think more people would feel better about their own bodies if they just allowed themselves to witness the diversity.

It’s a beautiful thing to be comfortable in one’s own skin.  And I’m rather amazed I had to take off my clothes to finally embrace mine.