Visiting Lupin

Hey Lupin!

Long time, no see.

It’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve been holed up inside my house while a pandemic rages on.

I’d like to report that I’ve been productive, but other than learning a few words in Swedish and making a quilt for my sister-in-law, I haven’t done much.

This year will go down as the one in which I accomplished very little besides simple survival.

It’s time for me to come visit.

And, of course, I plan to bring a guest with me.

Someone who is fun and can handle nudity.

I know it seems irresponsible to go out during a pandemic, but I’m jonesing for some company.

I miss my friends and I think that we could handle social distancing at Lupin, if we all were to show up one weekend for a little fun.

I dream about laying out by the pool, coating my body in sunblock and enjoying the warm sunshine on me.

So, if I promise to wear a mask and stay six feet away from all my friends, would you be so kind as to ensure I don’t get covid-19?

I really miss my social life.

And I’ve had plenty of good times at Lupin.

Time to head back!


To be honest, I’m a little bit out of it right now.

It probably has something to do with a little bit of sleep deprivation, drinking, and frolicking with friends at the Bare Burn.

It could also have something to do with all the WORK that went into producing the event.

I didn’t get home from the Bare Burn until 10:30 pm Sunday night.

Lupin, if you haven’t been there, is on a steep hill and so I spent the ENTIRE weekend going up and down and up and down the hill.

By the end of the weekend, I was ALMOST used to it.

But today, there is this soreness that has settled into my legs and I realize that what I did all weekend long going up and down the hill is a lot like doing a million squats.

Hopefully my ass looks nice and perky from all the exercise.

In case you were wondering, I did get to spend some time relaxing at the pool and socializing with friends, it wasn’t ALL work.

I also managed to squeeze in some mattress dancing with my friend Coke Can Dan.

It was nice having him there because apart from the OBVIOUS reason, his presence reminded me to find time to chill, explore, and relax.

I’m not sure I would’ve relaxed as much without him there.

If you must know, more than my leg muscles are sore.

I should be walking like a bow legged cowboy.

And I sort of need to sit on a ice pack ALL DAY LONG to recover from the vigorous entertainment he provided.

Despite all these sore muscles however, rest assured that there is a BIG smile on my face.