My first joke in Swedish

All I wanted for Christmas was a boyfriend.

Santa did not deliver.

Barring that, I did have a backup list of Christmas presents:

A Masterclass pass and Rosetta Stone unlimited.

What could be better than learning from the experts on topics ranging from international cuisine to negotiation, to photography and style.

And of course you all know how much I’m enjoying learning Swedish.

Imagine getting access to ALL Rosetta Stone language languages?


Well the good news is that I was gifted some money with which I can apply toward the cost of Masterclass and Rosetta Stone.

In celebration of my soon-to-be trilingual status, I made my very first joke in Swedish:

I was on a walk with a Swedish friend and I asked him how many times he’s attended “SEXSABILITY” the sex-positive festival which takes place in Sweden.

“Six,” he replied.

“Sex,” I joked. [sex is ‘six’ in Swedish]

Ha ha ha ha!

I never said it was a good joke!

Lifelong learning

More than anything this year I’m hoping I get a Masterclass Pass for the holidays.

I’m enthralled with the idea of taking classes on subjects taught by the people who excel in those topics.

Bobbi Brown for makeup.

Annie Leibovitz for photography.

Margaret Atwood for creative writing.

What is better than learning more on a topic from an expert in the field?

Has anyone heard of Masterclass and moreover, has anyone bought a subscription to their service?

Mostly, I’d like to learn to take better photos and write better posts for this blog.

Because really when it boils down to it, this is what I enjoy the most and want to succeed at the most.

Also, I seem to have this endless desire to learn something new while sheltering in place so that when covid is under control, I can say that I improved myself instead of spending all my time watching tv and scrolling through TIkTok.

I’m a big advocate of lifelong learning and I think that Masterclass might fit the bill.


It’s not like I’m doing anything with my spare time.

I’ve certainly watched my fair share of movies and TV shows since sheltering in place began.

I really want to buy a Masterclass pass.

Masterclass, as in the app that connects interested students with experts in their field for a one time “course.”

Malcolm Gladwell teaching writing.

Judd Apatow teaching a comedy class.

Annie Leibovitz teaching photography.

It’s not like I’m going to become an expert in those fields, but it does occur to me that by signing up and taking these classes I could become a more well-rounded individual.

Perhaps even develop another hobby or two.

Because what we really need in the middle of a pandemic is a robust collection of hobbies to pass the time.

I’m so there.