All’s well that ends well

I could say I’m disappointed in myself.

Then again, I could also say that I took very good care of myself under extreme conditions.

It was very HOT at Burning Man.

The sun was so strong you could feel it beating down on you and drying you out.

I opted to hang out in the shade when it was super hot so I missed certain mid day activities:

Men in Skirts

So most of my Burning Man adventures are from night time activities – going to clubs like Spanky’s and HOTD (Hair of the Dog), biking the playa, getting lost, drinking and flirting.

I’d say I am disappointed in myself, but I didn’t wind up having to be taken care of by my camp mates, or worse yet, having to be taken to the medics at Rampart.

Anyway, for me this burn was about community, and was all that I wished for when I first went to Burning Man in 2015 and got ditched.

People to do stuff with
Hugs to share
Fun times for everyone
Rolling on the playa with a crew

In that respect, I was wildly successful, and not the least bit disappointed in my burn!