Bohemian Rhapsody

So I’ve got this BRILLIANT idea for my birthday party.

It’s on November 2nd, when the Freddie Mercury biopic movie called Bohemian Rhapsody comes out.

And I’m thinking that’s the PERFECT reason to have an 80s party – starting with the movie and ending at a dance club.

I mean, when I was asked what person I’d most want to spend a day with at Burning Man, my answer was Freddy Mercury.

And the person, living or dead, I’d most like to see in concert?

Freddie Mercury!


I just love Freddie Mercury.

Can you tell?

So, it goes without saying that I will DRESS UP LIKE FREDDIE MERCURY.

There are so many outfits out there to choose from but the one I like the most has a yellow jacket and striped white track pants.

Oh, be still my heart!

How much I can’t wait to cross dress as Freddie Mercury!

The only thing I’m sort of neglecting to mention is that my birthday isn’t for another 5 months.

So I’m A BIT ahead of schedule.

Even for me!

Great places for a first date

My first date ever with with Don and he took me to the dance at my high school and sneak attack kissed me on the dance floor to Lady in Red.  Since then, I’ve been on many more dates – some good and some bad.  Here’s a list of some of the better ones:

Cooking Class – Dave took me to a cooking class and together we made lobster bisque with cheesy risotto and lemon asparagus.  It was fun.  We got to talk a lot, we laughed a lot, and in the end we had a great meal to share that we’d prepared together.  I also did this with the Wine Man at his house.  It was fun dipping strawberries in melted chocolate and then eating the rewards after a quick chill in the oven.  I will always love making a meal on a first date.

Restaurant – I know, this one is tried but true.  You get to share and meal and (hopefully) have great conversation.  Edward took me on my best restaurant date ever on account that each time we went out, we had a great meal, great wine, and great company.  Sigh. I miss Edward.

Music Festival – This is a great place to go on a date – there’s food, shopping, and entertainment.  What else do you need?  Everyone should be happy.  Also, you can bring a blanket and snuggle under the sun/stars on your own little patch of grass.  Frank took me to a festival in San Francisco where we got to see Peter Gabriel as the closing act.  I got a contact high just from standing in the audience. Thomas took me to a concert in the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton.  Had he not farted the entire time, I might have been a BEST DATE EVER.  Seriously.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Bowling – Luke took me bowling.  We had beers and a slice of pizza while engaging in friendly competition. It’s a low-stress date so you can feel relaxed and comfortable, which is important. It was also really fun since I totally suck at bowling we made it into a competition of Funny Bowling.

The Driving Range – Karl took me to the driving range and it was fun because he was great at golfing and I was pure shit.  I got a bunch of tips from him and even some up-close-and-personal time with him as he helped me with my swing.   Bonus!

I have some new date ideas that I’d like to go on that don’t involve embarrassing sporting activities:

  • I’d like to go to a Burmese or an Ethiopian restaurant.  Just to try out a new cuisine.  But this requires and adventurous partner.  Any takers?
  • I’d like to go to a beer making class in SF.  Because I want to know how to make beer and it just seems like something that would be fun with a sexy partner.
  • I’d like to go kayaking on the Elkhorn Slough.  No one has taken me up on this offer.  The guy I asked (the Irishman) admitted he couldn’t swim.  I am a PADI certified Rescue Diver.  But even the thought of me rescuing him couldn’t get him to go on the water.

There are a few places I DON’T want to go on a date:

  • The Gym – Ugh no.  Last thing I want is someone watching me grunt and groan as I work on the machines.  Or have them compare me to all the hard bodies that are there.  Skip.
  • The Beach – You know how you dip your toes in the water and lean back to enjoy the sunlight on your face, only to get hit by a wave and dragged 200 feet, nearly drowned, and when you come up for air your bottoms are riding below your crack because they’re filled with sand.  Yeah, that’s why it’s a bad idea.  Bonfire on the beach at night however is a GREAT idea.  Thank you Kurt for taking me 🙂
  • A Movie – yawn.  I want to talk to my date not sit around in a dark room, totally silent, watching whatever canned formula film is being shown.  Not even an art film or a foreign film can lure me in.  An NC-17 rated movie might do it though…

So there you have it, the best and the worst.