Do Men Fake It?

Can a man climax without ejaculation?

This is the question that’s on my mind this morning.

I say no.

Others say yes.

I’ve been with men who were multi orgasmic.

The Israeli was multi orgasmic.

I’ve never known a man to climax as much as he did, and every time, a little dollop of love juice spilled out.

He may have ultimately been a rude partner, but at least the man could get it up, keep it up, and keep going.

I joked with him that he missed out on a great career in the porn industry.

He was an engineer.

Tejas, the resident expert on all things sexual, has assured me that it is possible.

He says you can train the stream to go into the bladder, to which I say “no fucking way” because it’s physically impossible to mix the excretory system with the reproductive system.

Then he says that perhaps a man can “empty” himself by masturbating repetitively.

This seems more likely.

However, I’m still skeptical.

Just like I’m skeptical when a man tells me he’s given a woman 250 orgasms in a weekend.

FYI, that’s one orgasm every 12 minutes in a 48 hour period.

My friend Mystery Man, also thinks a male climax without semen release is possible.

For the same reason Tejas says it’s possible – repetitive masturbation.

Ok, ok.

So MAYBE it’s possible.

Then again, maybe men FAKE it. . .




Irish Boy Toy

Irish Boy-Toy is back and is raring to go.

I have to admit, I forgot his name until just now.

He texted me out of the blue yesterday, six months after we went out.

I wrote about our date here.

He texted me:  Hi sexy how are you??

I wrote back:  Who is this?

He said:  Guess 🙂 🙂

I checked out the foreign country code and figured it must be my Irish Boy-Toy.

Me:  You’re the guy from Ireland

Him:  Correct.  I’m in by bed right now and very horny…

Of course.  Now we get down to the reason for the phone call.  He wants to sext.

But seeing as how I was off to the dentist’s, sexting would have to wait.  I sent a quick inspirational image for him to enjoy and sat back to get my teeth cleaned all the while thinking of this sexy young man in his hotel room, thinking of me.

Don’t know if I’ll hear from him again for another 6 months, but it was a fun exchange, if brief.

Bow chicka wow wow!

Sorta makes me think of Mystery Man and camming and how much I miss him.

I told Tejas about my run in with Irish Boy-Toy.

His response?

Tell him to get in line!

It prompted an interesting discussion on Friends with benefits, poly, falling in love, and letting friendships develop into something more.

He thinks I should see if my friendship (with him) could develop into something more.

And I believe I agreed to keep my mind open.

Wide open…

Sexual Dry Spells

We all know what they are. Some of us, ahem, experience them on a regular basis.

If they last long enough you can become revirginized.

I’m deep in the middle of a sexual dry spell.

Oh sure, men have offered to “take care of it” for me, but each and every one of them has a significant other.

  • The Maestro has the Maestra.
  • Mystery Man has a Mystery Woman.
  • And the Swinger has his Swingee.

Is it too much to ask to meet someone who is looking for a primary?

Why do I always catch the overflow but never the landslide?

This is supposed to be my landslide of good karma life, after all.

Karma needs a little help, apparently.

So my New Year’s resolutions are:

  1. Flirt every day, even if it’s with the bagger at the grocery store.
  2. OM 4-6 times a week, more if possible.
  3. Get out and hike, mountain bike, kayak and embrace the outdoors.
  4. Say yes to invitations to do things with friends.
  5. Ask someone out once a month. Try not to be too saucy or too shy about it.
  6. Join at least two new clubs – fishing and beer making sound promising.
  7. Make sure to spend time maintaining the friendships I already have.
  8. Stop monitoring my POF, Match, and OK Cupid profiles. Nothing good is coming of those.
  9. Celebrate myself by doing something nice for myself once a week (at least, lol).
  10. Dance, just for fun and when there’s no music.

I think these New Years resolutions capture my quirky side and will help me to enjoy my life more fully, regardless of my revirgination status, which by the way got totally blown out of the water in between me writing this post and posting it on unblunder.

Yeah, I’m hot stuff!

Missing Mystery Man

Ever since I started OMing, I’ve been communicating less and less with Mystery Man.

The other day I stared forlornly at my iPad dreaming of naked skyping with him when I realized something…

I miss him.

We used to carry on entire sexy conversations throughout the day. Now I hear from him in the late afternoon.

He’s always interested in what I’m doing. Perhaps his mind is a little blown. Perhaps he’s a little envious that I’ve found a source of Turn ON. After all, he did say that he’d like to lay back and let someone take care of him.

I instantly thought, “ME!”

So in light of the fact that Mystery Man is now a guest blogger on unblunder, my question to you is what would you like him to write about?

Private message me at with topics or post in the comments below.

Guest Post: Mystery Man

What is there to say about unblunder that blog followers don’t already know?

We all know what a beautiful and amazing woman Michelle is.  I enjoy how she has opened up her life to us and let us take a sneak peek into her world.

She has blessed us with pictures of herself from no make-up, to sexiest boudoir shoots to pictures of her many adventures. Each and every picture I see of her makes me smile and then some.  Her beautiful eyes to her amazing smile draw me in and her brilliant mind keeps me coming back for more.  I love a woman who is more than a beautiful face.

The fact she speaks her mind and tells you exactly what she likes is such a huge turn on.  Not to mention her ability to step outside of her comfort zone is truly remarkable.

She has already made me get off my ass in my own life a couple times to explore the unknown and she has promised to help me explore others.  I can’t wait to cross paths with her one day and be by her side on some of her amazing journeys.

So I just want to say thank you to her for sharing her life and her journeys and I look forward to reading her blogs every day.  I hope she keeps us all smiling and never stops writing.  I for one appreciate the time and effort she spends writing her blog.

Mystery Man

MMMystery Man hasn’t been blogged lately, but that’s not because he hasn’t been around.

Quite the opposite really. He’s there every day for me.

He’s been there for me during some difficult times which got me a little down.

He’s cheered me up by reaffirming our friendship, sharing his unwavering belief in my awesomeness, and showering me with compliments and praise.

Really, when we started out I thought he’s be a harmless flirtation. I never expected I’d want to share the highlights of my day with him and hear him share his with me.

And, at a time when I feel like I’ve lost a friends, it’s nice to have someone to fill the void. I like feeling like someone cares enough about me to want to be my friend.

It’s also especially nice because I can be myself around him. I don’t have to be perfect, or confident, or even happy all the time. He accepts me the way I am, however I come at him.

And that, my friends, is a rare gift indeed. And one I’m indebted to him for.

Landside of good karma

I have two secrets I keep from the general population. Only my friends and family know them.

Every now and then I make a new friend who captures my interest and my trust and I take a leap of faith and share my secrets with him/her.

Yesterday I told Mystery Man my two secrets.

He said, “You always find a way to draw me closer to you.”

And, “I just want to come over and hug you and hold you tight.”

“Now you know me,” I replied.

And you just have to love someone who says, “There is no need to get me to like you more. You have already succeeded with that.”

So sometimes the universe may conspire against me. But other times it send me a kind, generous, warm hearted friend to share a bit of my soul with.

For that I am unendingly grateful.

Mystery Man

There’s a new man on the horizon and I’m calling him Mystery Man (MM).

I have to be a little secretive about him since most of my blog audience knows him IRL.

We began with a little flirtation – him flirting with me, me trying to ignore his approaches. Until he made it impossible for me to ignore him.

He sent me this text, “One day when you’re not so shy about your sexuality, you will have to tell me what you like.”


Invitation accepted. Let me tell you what I like….

And I did.

That began a 2 week conversation that has yet to end.

MM introduced me to camming – the art and science of using technology to reach out and touch someone… namely yourself. But in the meantime you get to put on a show.

I’ve only done it twice now, but each time has been fabulous and it’s my favorite pre-bedtime routine.

There’s something about seeing the other person who you are lusting after while you are enjoying yourself that is just so sexy.

There are some drawbacks, however:

  • You can’t touch
  • You can’t kiss
  • There’s no cuddling after

There are some benefits though:

  • You can see his/her face up close
  • You can see other “things” up close
  • It’s like watching TV only you’re interacting with the entertainment

MM is going to be a handful for me, I can just tell that. He’s a big man with a big appetite, and plenty of creativity to keep things fresh in the bedroom.

I think I’ve met my dream man….