Mom bod in a bikini

Wearing a bathing suit is a pretty traumatic experience for me, and I’m sure it is for many women out there.

I’ve adopted a sure fire method of coping with all the thoughts going through my head when I’m in a swimsuit – I FAKE IT.

There’s really nothing else to do, except miss out on all the fun and I’M NOT ABOUT TO LET THAT HAPPEN!

Which is why I’m so excited that there is a movement out there to put swimsuits on every body which are gorgeous and sexy and the antithesis of those ugly skirted one piece bathing suits which used to be reserved for “fat chicks.”

I went a little nuts at and bought three bathing suits – a black strappy one piece and two bikinis.

Check out the one piece. . .

suit1Now check out the bikinis. . .

bikini bikini

Aren’t they awesome!

Who wouldn’t feel sexy in a swimsuit like this?

My goal, this summer, is to take a picture of myself in these swimsuits and post them online (here and on Instagram) with the hashtag #myswimbody.

Of course I’ll have to silence all those negative voices in my head screaming “No one wants to see your thighs! What about your cellulite?!   And your belly? You need to lose weight!”

I look at the pictures of plus size women in bathing suits and think they’re beautiful.

Perhaps someone will look at my pics and think I’m beautiful too. . .

There exists a possibility.

Besides, why pass up an opportunity to embarrass my spawn?

I live for these moments.

Mom body in a bikini?