Shameful Admission

I have something to admit about Burning Man that makes me feel ashamed.

I was so busy having fun with friends, new and old, and taking care of myself in the elements, that I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO CHECK OUT THE ART!


I went to Burning Man and saw hardly any art.

Oh sure, I biked the playa and saw the Temple and the Man.

But everything else?

It’s a big blank.

I watched a few burns and navigated my way home via the big enormous JELLYFISH art piece, but I skipped the deep playa art tour that would’ve taken me to the far reaches of the playa to the trash fence to see the INCREDIBLE art out there.

And now, seeing all the AMAZING pictures coming out of Burning Man in my Facebook stream, I have REGRETS.


I should have flirted less and explored more.

I should have gotten on my bike and checked out some of the art near and far.

I should have spent less time in camp and more time around Center Camp.


These are the regrets I have.

Of course, they say that you get the burn you need, not the burn you want so if that’s the case then I got exactly what I needed. . .

. . .in which case, a whole lot of self-care, day napping, and evening adventures were EXACTLY what I needed.

Not sure why I’m complaining?