I kinda fell in LOVE with this whole picture.

The black bodysuit.

The cutoff jeans.

The tan.

It’s all PERFECT.

But I ESPECIALLY fell in love with the layered necklaces.

They really complete the look.

So I got online and found a couple of statement and layered necklaces to add to my jewelry collection:


I just LOVE them.

And I think they will go well added to my Burning Man outfits this year.

Of course, I am NOTORIOUS for buying jewelry for Burning Man and not wearing it.

The reason is three-fold.

One – it takes FOREVER to get out of camp and jewelry is just another barrier to getting the hell out there and participating!

Two – It’s hard to find jewelry that isn’t MOOPY. The last thing I want to do is leave bits and pieces of my jewelry all over the playa.

Three – There’s just so many cool hand-made pendants that get gifted, I find myself wearing those instead of my jewelry.

So hopefully this year, I will do better with regard to actually wearing the things I bring with me.

And if not?

Oh fucking well.

It’s Burning Man.

Playa gifts

One of the ten principles of Burning Man is gifting.

ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about me knows that I LOVE to give gifts.

So this is right up my alley.

In 2015, I gifted SPF 30 organic mint chapstick.

In 2016, I gifted colorful necklaces I made out of metal washer with an epoxy coating.

This year, I’m giving away something I ordered and had laser engraved with the Burning Man logo. . .

. . .a credit card sized bottle opener.

It just struck me as being something VERY USEFUL and clever.

I ordered ball chain necklaces so I can give them away to people to wear, if they’d like to.

The only thing I hadn’t counted on?

How fricking HEAVY 100 of these puppies would be to bring to Burning Man with me.

I swear, the box weighs 20 pounds!