Silver Lining

I’m stuck on the Anal Sex Guy.

And not in a good way.

I actually entered him into my phone as “Joe Anal Sex Guy” so that I don’t accidentally text him thinking he’s someone else.

Just in case he continues to text me, I’ll know to refuse to meet him.

I suppose I should be surprised that someone asked for something so intimate from me RIGHT OFF THE BAT.

I certainly think his request was premature and also indicative that he has no idea how special something like that is.

It requires talent and skill.

Here he is asking right off the bat for something incredibly intimate with barely a thought as to the kind of trust that such an activity takes.

It’s mind boggling.

I attribute his ignorance (and misplaced enthusiasm) to the over-pornographication of men.

It feels like, as a woman, I’m being asked to engage in intimate activities with barely a thought as to my own safety and pleasure.

I feel like it’s all about the man and HIS pleasure.

Which doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve got news:  I may be a sexually active hot-blooded American woman, but I still deserve respect.

I feel like I need to quote Barbara here and say, “You’re asking for the benefits a wife provides when you’ve only bought yourself the girlfriend package.”

And it’s SO TRUE!

He’s reaching higher than his current relationship status of casual acquaintance allows.

Sometimes, men can be REALLY STUPID!

But at least I learned this ahead of time before investing days into communicating with him.

There is a silver lining.

Me and nudity

I’ve got 10 events in 10 days at work so I’m reposting some old content I find funny.  New content will resume on February 6th.

Reposted from 2014:


It’s no surprise that I go to the naked spa for treatments. However what I failed to mention in my earlier posts is that I also like co-ed naked hot springs.

I’ve been to Lupin Lodge in the Santa Cruz Mountains  and Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown and both have been very enjoyable experiences for me.

Sometimes you just want to laze around the pool naked, soak in the sun, and go skinny dipping.

Is it weird being around all those naked people? Not really. Everyone is very respectful and keeps thir eyes at eye level. It’s almost like the nudity ceases to exist.

I think as Americans our attitudes towards non-sexual nudity is backwards. We act as if all nudity is bad and everyone should cover up. We don’t want our children seeing it. But we take them to art galleries where there are naked figures and paintings on display and we call it art. Why the difference? What makes one naked body art and another naked body sinful?

I think the answer is conditioning. It’s part of our culture. And it likely has a lot to do with the oversexualization of women in pornography and advertising. We treat the naked human body like it’s sinful because we see it as something that serves a sexual purpose only. We have no concept of the body as beautiful in its infinite variety.

I find naked bodies comforting. It’s great to see the variety of shapes and sizes out there. It makes me feel good about my own beautiful yet imperfect body. I think more people would feel better about their own bodies if they just allowed themselves to witness the diversity.

It’s a beautiful thing to be comfortable in one’s own skin.  And I’m rather amazed I had to take off my clothes to finally embrace mine.