Packing for Burning Man

I have barely started packing for Burning Man.

This is unusual in that I typically am packed and playa-ready MONTHS ahead of time.

Not so this trip.

Although, under the encouragement of Tejas, I did put on all the new shoes I bought JUST TO BE SURE THEY FIT.

It’s a good thing Tejas reminded me to test out my shoes because TWO PAIRS did not fit.

The pink quinceañera sneakers and the black orthopedic flip flops did not fit.

So I’m tossing them and replacing them with different shoes, which I will not only test to make sure they fit, but also wear around a little bit at home to make sure they’re comfortable.

These are the lessons you learn after a few failures on playa.

I’ve also tested my costumes to make sure they fit.

Nothing worse than getting to the playa only to discover that the jean shorts you selected to wear with three different outfits is too tight to button.

True story.

My gift to the playa this year is a recycled gift.

I have leftovers of my custom engraved, Burning Man credit-card size bottle opener which I will be giving away to my campmates.

We work in a bar camp, so a bottle opener is an appropriate gift to give (and I had leftovers from 2017).

I can’t believe it’s just a little over a week away until I leave for the playa!

I’m so not ready!

That won’t fit!

luggageThere comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to look closely, inspect dimensions, and declare “There’s NO WAY that will fit!”

Which is exactly what I did when I stared at the pile of clothes and presents I want to bring to Sweden with me next to the suitcase it all has to fit into.

Quite frankly, I’m more than skeptical that it will all fit.

I’m in disbelief.

It’s just not going to happen folks.

And of course, as is my way, instead of getting rid of the wine or the presents or the makeup, I’m eliminating my clothes.

Who needs clothes anyway?

All I need is a fresh pair of underwear and I’m good to go.

One dress, one sweater, one jacket, warm leggings and VOILÁ!

You have yourself packed for Sweden.

I’d like to say that this time around I’m flying by the seat of my pants, but no.

I’m packed a week ahead of time and I have an inventory.

Because I’m neurotic that way.

The good news is that when I come back, I will be 5 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of champagne lighter than when I left.’

I fully intend to drink and gift the wine to The Swede and his friends and family.

Just in case I meet any of them, I’m prepared.

California wine FOR YOU!



Happy faces, all around!