Pagan Bunny Burn

There’s an event that takes place near Elk Grove, California called The Pagan Bunny Burn.

I attended last year and had a great time, despite the fact that it was pretty damn cold in my tent and it rained (just a little) during the weekend.

This year I wasn’t on the ball and I missed my opportunity to get tickets.

I have a few bunny outfits:

There’s my White Rabbit costume, my Playboy Bunny costume, my Pink bunny costume, and my Black Burner Bunny costume.

So I’m pretty bummed that I’m going to miss it this year.

But since my outfits are mostly designed for the hot weather on the playa at Burning Man, and not the chilly spring weather of Elk Grove, I’ll live with it.

Of course, tickets do come available as we approach the event date so it’s possible I may get to go.

I’m focusing on minimizing my footprint at burner campouts this year.

I have a small 8 x 7 foot tent:

It’s sufficient shelter in a rainstorm, but it’s not wildly insulated and I find I get chilled at night.

You know what I’m talking about – when you have to BURY yourself in the blankets and should anything peek out from underneath, it is met with frigid air and you beat a hasty retreat from the cold.

Yeah, it’s THAT cold.

So you MIGHT see me at the Pagan Bunny Burn.

I’ll be the one sitting on a bar stool at the Endorphin Orphan Bar, drinking a beer and dressed in my burner bunny finest!


Barely there underwear

I packed for the Pagan Bunny Burn and managed to keep my costumes down to one and a half totes.

Plush oneies take up a lot of space, apparently.

Also, tutus and bunny masks.

None of which I wore, ironically.

It was too cold to wear anything besides onesies.

At the last minute, I realized that I FORGOT panties!

It figures, I’d pack absolutely EVERYTHING I need for a pagan bunny burn EXCEPT underwear.

And socks.

I almost forgot my socks.

I find this VERY amusing because at the last burn, I forgot my panties and had to go around commando for the last part of the burn.

Normally, this isn’t a problem.

Many of my costumes REQUIRE that I NOT wear underwear.

Who needs to see my panties poking out under some hot pants or short shorts?

But at the Bunny Burn?

Under a tutu?

It’s a MUST!

Dealing with panty issues is pretty common for me.

I’m always trying to find the right thing to wear under each outfit so that my panties don’t show or they show and are appropriate for the outfit I’m wearing (i.e. pink ruffle butt panties under a see-through pink tutu).

So finding these babies on Amazon was a Godsend:

The “Knicker Sticker” which you stick to the crotch of your clothing.

Perfect for my black short shorts that lace up the side.

It’s a nice little adhesive patch that will keep my shorts from getting (ahem) moist.

Then there’s the Shibue Strapless Panty which is like an adhesive thong.

Same principle and use, just a little larger surface area.

Also, and this is a BIG ALSO, these adhesive panties will literally take up NO SPACE in my clothing tote, so BONUS!

Disposable , barely-there underwear?

I’m down for that.

I love the PBB

The good news is that Tejas went to the bunny burn with me.

The bad news is that I got a ticket for driving 65 in a 70 mph zone. . .I was towing a trailer and the speed limit while towing is 55 mph.

So ugh!

The bunny burn in a word?


And windy.

And occasionally wet.

But also?


And creative!

And sometimes even a little bit inebriated.

I had a great time but boy was I happy to sleep in my own warm bed last night.

I LITERALLY put on a bunny onesie, two pairs of socks, a full length down jacket, and a knit beanie before I went to bed Saturday night at the bunny burn in order to try to stay warm.

The bunny burn was mellow, and except for a little drama Friday night between Tejas and I, the whole weekend went smoothly.

I spent most of my time chatting.

With Tejas, but also with new friends.

Like our neighbors who were so much fun to hang out with.

And friends of my dear friend Darren (of the crotch monster fame), a mother and daughter who were really cool.

So yes, I had a great time.

And no, I probably will not go again unless I have an RV.

It was too cold at night and I slept rather poorly.

But the company?

Couldn’t be beat!

And the entertainment was top notch!

I love the Pagan Bunny Burn!

Freak Out

It looks like Tejas’ electric tricycle is not going to arrive in time for the bunny burn.

In reaction to his disappointment, he called me and cancelled on me.


I’m not going to lie.


There I was, receiving a delivery of food, marinating three different kinds of meat, and making homemade bohemian sauerkraut for bratwurst and he up and cancelled on me.

I was mad.

I was also very sad.

And feeling lonely.

There is literally no other person I can call to go camping with me.

It’s just Tejas.

I tried to imagine camping at the bunny burn all by myself.

Cooking for one.

Wandering from camp to camp, all by my lonely self.

But I didn’t have to imagine too hard because my first burn was EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

No one to do things with.

Making cheese quesadillas for one for every meal.

Even just thinking about it now I can feel a tightness seize my chest.

Of course, I DO know other people who are going to the bunny burn.

So perhaps I wouldn’t be as lonely as I worry I would be.

But still.

I had a whole different picture in my mind of what it was going to be like and now?

Now I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

Rain on a tarp

As you read this I am sitting in a field somewhere outside Sacramento, trying to stay out of the rain.

It’s Pagan Bunny Burn time and the weather that is predicted is basically light rain.

Not so bad.

Could be worse.

But could be better.

Camping in the rain is not my favorite thing.

Actually I should clarify – SETTING UP CAMP IN THE RAIN is not my thing.

I’m perfectly okay with hanging out under a canopy, listening to the rain fall, while chatting with my friends and sharing a pint.

Perhaps that’s why I’m not in the mood to cancel all my weekend plans.

What’s a little rain when there’s fun to be had and shenanigans to enjoy with friends?

The last time I camped in the rain was at my very first unSCruz in 2016 – day 1 and day 2.

I still had my tent trailer Dolly, and it was fairly easy to set her up, even during the rain.

Less than five minutes.

But I watched as my friend Marina and her boyfriend worked at setting up her tent and I have a picture of the two of them, wet and annoyed, eating lunch in my tent trailer.

Ironically, it’s one of my favorite memories of the two of them because despite the rainy conditions and their frustrations, we were inside my trailer, warming up, and enjoying being out of the rain for a little bit.

It was the first (and only) time I was able to accommodate friends in my trailer.

Up until then it had only been my boys and I.

So as you read this, I’m hoping that I’m right smack dab in the middle of having a great time, camping at PBB.

One thing is for sure – I’m going to sleep like a baby.

Because it is a little known fact (not even The Swede knows) that when I’m having a hard time falling asleep, the ambient noise that puts me right to sleep is RAIN ON A TARP!

And there’s going to be plenty of that at the Bunny Burn!

Read my mind, I dare you!

I am driving everyone around me ABSOLUTELY crazy.

I know this because I’ve managed to even irritate MYSELF.

And yet, I still persist.

You see, I’m fixated on the Pagan Bunny Burn and my level of organization has gone THROUGH THE ROOF!



Meal schedule?




Color-coded map with event notes?


I mean, really. . .who DOES THIS?

Today I cross referenced the schedule of activities to list the food events, times, and locations on our meal schedule so that we can see at a glance what’s happening foodwise at any given time.

It’s moments like these that Tejas can sit back, laugh, and THANK GOD he’s not in a relationship with me.

Because right now, I’m SUPER irritating.

The thing is, I DON’T REMEMBER the stuff I pack or where it is unless I write it down.

Do you know how many times I bought ratchet straps because I have no idea where my other ones are?

[They’ve been eaten by Tejas’ MotorBeast, btw.]

I’ve spent a lot of money getting ready for this burn.

I even bought a propane tabletop heater so that I can keep warm on the cold nights.

So you can imagine what happened when I mentioned to Tejas that light rains were expected for our campout and he said. . .

“Maybe we shouldn’t go. It’ll be cold and wet.”

I just stared at him.

And stared.

And dared him to read my mind.


Apparently there are some things that happen at the Bunny Burn.

The Zebra Rampage (a bar progressive in zebra costumes) is on my list of things to do.

I even have a zebra onesie to wear!

There are also crafts like making personal mandalas, bunny ears, and Mad Hatter hats.


Then there are activities like eating yellow sno cones and making s’mores.


I understand that I’m supposed to gift trinkets to my fellow campers.

Just like Gifting is a principle at Burning Man, so it also is at PBB.

So I bought some candies and toys to give out and I literally scoured my garage trying to find my Easter basket.

Which I did find!

So what will I be filling my basket with?

Emoticon gumballs

Fuzzy bunnies

Bunny face tattoos

Easter lollipops

Glitter necklaces

And bunny rubber “duckies”

So you can expect to see me hopping around PBB with my basket full of treats handing out gifts to all my neighbors!

Personally, I think Tejas could totally SCORE at PBB if he makes his wooden GlowForge bunny medallions.

They’re THE BOMB!

Cheap booze, here I come!

Tickets for Burning Man 2018: I, Robot are IN THE BAG.

They almost weren’t, however.

I had an American Express I wanted to use for the purchase but TICKETFLY doesn’t take AmEx.


Nevertheless, everything sorted itself out and come July, I will have my two tickets and my vehicle pass mailed to me.


I can’t believe I’m going ANOTHER YEAR!

This will be my FOURTH burn.

It’s addictive, you know.

All the art, and people, and dancing, and music, and community!

It’s shaping up to be so different than my first lonely burn.

But right now I’m planning my Pagan Bunny Burn.

And it looks like Tejas and I will be sipping some fine vintage Smart & Final Schooner Bay Light Rum and Sterling Dry Gin.

This makes me laugh, because at home, Tejas and I drink Hendrick’s Gin mixed with Fever Tree Tonic Water.

We’re quite the connoisseurs.

But when we camp?

Snobbery goes out the window and we opt for the cheapest booze there is.

No worries about hangovers, however.


I have Hangover Guardian – activated charcoal pills – which I take pre- and post-drinking to help absorb some of that nasty cheap alcohol.

Let’s just hope I have enough after the bunny burn to take care of myself at Burning Man!

Cheap booze, HERE I COME!


* UPDATE:  I couldn’t do it.  I had to buy the nice stuff for me to enjoy at the bunny burn.  Hendricks gin, Zaya rum, and some craft beers (to go with my bratwurst, naturally)!

Pagan Bunny Burn

The Pagan Bunny Burn is coming up in March and I’m totally excited!

I’ve never been, so this will be a first for me.

Of course, it’s essential that when one attends a bunny burn, one dresses like a bunny and so I’ve gone hog wild with bunny-related accouterments.

After all, the only bunny outfits I have are the White Rabbit / Playboy bunny outfits from a pub crawl 2 years ago.


It was the pub crawl where a woman showed up in a dress made of marshmallow peeps.

Yeah, that was AWESOME!

So I toiled away and managed to pull together not one, not two, but THREE new bunny outfits.

My black burner bunny outfit:

My rainbow brite bunny outfit:

And my pink monochromatic bunny outfit:

Personally, I like the black burner bunny outfit best, but if I show up and everyone is wearing a black bunny outfit, I can change into something else.


Gotta have them.

Adios 2017!

How do I feel about 2017?

I’m ready to bring on 2018, that’s how I feel.

In 2017 I had to put down my dog.

That was a difficult and sad time.

I also applied for, and lost, two jobs: one I was excited about and one I was less than excited about.

So perhaps it’s for the best, though it hurt both times to be rejected.

2017 wasn’t all bad though.

I went to unSCruz with The Swede and had a lot of fun.

And, of course, I am in Sweden right now visiting The Swede.

I travelled to Burning Man in 2017 and had a fantastic time so there’s that too.

But there was also a WHOLE YEAR OF #45’s antics and quite honestly I have had my fill of that charlatan.

Three more years? Good grief!

2018 brings some promise.

I will continue to look for another position at work so there’s potential for growth there.

And, once again, I am going to unSCruz AND Burning Man, not to mention that highly anticipated spring Pagan Bunny Burn.

I also start my medical weight management program which I’m not REALLY looking forward to except for how much healthier I will be on the program.

So there’s that.

Overall, I can say adios to 2017 and welcome in 2018 with an open mind and an open heart.

I’m looking forward to the coming year.