Sleepwear and The Swede

I’ve been thinking about sleepwear a lot lately.

I sleep by myself so I have no one to impress when I go to bed.

I’ve been known to wear everything from a t-shirt (and nothing else) to sweat pants, tank top, and thick socks.

When I sleep on the couch at Tejas’ house, I wear rainbow striped velour pajama bottoms with a peach jersey pineapple print dress.

Yes, clearly I’m not out to wow the crowds.

Which is why I think Tejas has taken an interest in my sleepwear for Sweden.

He doesn’t want me to underwhelm The Swede.

The thing about sleeping in Sweden, is that I ABSOLUTELY can’t fall asleep unless I am warm.

That’s just how it works with me.

If my feet are cold I can’t sleep.

If my core is cold, I can’t sleep.

If my butt is cold. . .

And so on.

So I REALLY want to be warm when I sleep in Sweden.

I decided to compromise on the warm Swedish Hockey pajamas I was planning on wearing.

Instead I bought two nightgowns.

Red and blue because you know, I am after all a hot-blooded American woman.

Ironically, it’s been so long since I spent the night with someone, I’ve forgotten how well two bodies manage to keep each other warm.

I probably don’t NEED the nightgowns.

But they’re there, if for no other reason than to make me look like a respectable human being instead of a woman who is travelling halfway around the world to sleep with The Swede.

Easy access

Every Monday, Tejas cooks me dinner.

But last Monday, I cooked him dinner because he donated his fish and crab from our fishing trip to me.

I made the tastiest, flakiest, fresh, crumb-coated cod filets you can imagine which I served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans dressed in a lemon and mustard sauce.

It was delish!

While Tejas was there, I took the opportunity to show him some of the stuff I’ve acquired for my trip to Sweden – specifically my boots.

He encouraged (forced) me to try them on to make sure they fit okay.

And they did.

Then he proceeded to give me unsolicited advice.

Something along the lines of: SLEEP NAKED WITH THE SWEDE.

At least that was his suggestion when I told him I was planning to get a nice, comfy yet sexy nightgown to sleep in.


Sleep naked?

There’s another person in the house.

I always wonder what I will do if someone walks in OR if I have to evacuate the house because of a fire or carbon monoxide, etc.

Sleeping naked is not my forte.

If you’re worried about easy access, a nightgown usually hitches up around the waist providing absolutely NO PROTECTION against the onslaught of man.

But then, I came across THIS PAIR OF PAJAMAS on CafePress and I said:


I had to have them.

Sweden AND hockey?

It’s The Swede’s dream.

So folks, I opted to pick not the sexiest pajamas nor the ones that provide the easiest access, but I certainly have selected a popular option.

Sweden and hockey, folks.

There in lies that man’s heart.


I may have lost all my marbles.

I just bought this totally decadent (yet remarkably affordable) bed set for Burning Man.

bedYes, I’m excited. No, it’s not green in keeping with my Absinthe Fairy theme. I just fell in love with the purple and black and that was that.

I’m sure my excitement will only last as long as it takes Tejas to read this post, roll his eyes, and call me to tell me my purchase is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for the playa.

Oh but it gets worse… I actually bought black satin sheets to match.

Oh the insanity!

Perhaps I could bribe Tejas to just support my impulse buy. Maybe if I offered to let him snuggle with me in it he would be excited about it.

Just maybe.

But until then, I’m going to be excited about my bed.

In other news, I bought totally a responsible and appropriate pair of pajamas for Burning Man – red, hooded, and footed.  Perfect for the cold nights.

So Tejas isn’t totally failing to influence me to be more realistic and less dreamy.

But he’s not succeeding either.

He he he!