In January, my friend Mark passed away. That’s a gentle way of saying that he committed suicide. Very tragic circumstances surrounding. His family and friends will mourn him for the rest of our lives. He was extraordinary.

One of the things he did for me was make little video clips, almost daily, of him wishing me good morning, hello, and telling me what he was up to.

After he died, I couldn’t bear to look at the images on my phone so I “thought” I moved them to a safe location where I could look at them later when my feelings weren’t so raw.

Today I went to look at the videos and discovered they weren’t there.

They’ve all been deleted.

At first, I was crushed by this news but gradually began to picture my friend Mark, in the afterlife, literally laughing at me and pointing out that now no one will believe me…. he destroyed all the evidence.

Mark was an enigmatic man who I’m sure would rather leave the MEMORY of him behind than a TANGIBLE piece of him behind.

Crushed? In a way, but I have my memories.

And I’m thankful for every second I had with him.

No doubt.