When was the last time I mentioned how impressed I am with the skills that engineers have?

It’s truly remarkable!

Sure, I can whip together a 3-day conference in a week but I have to idea how to refill my power steering fluid unless someone shows me how.

This is why I am so impressed with The Swede and Tejas.

Both of them have the minds of engineers.

They know how to fix things when they break.

And they know how to make things just by looking at something.

It’s pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Just the other day, Tejas made me a thing:

It’s a pendant for the Pagan Bunny Burn.

He made it from a picture I found online.

I am blown away, especially since I was with him when he made it with his GlowForge laser.

The laser is the size of a coffee table and I’m pretty sure if you lift the lid, it’s possible for me to sleep inside it.

It’s THAT big.

And The Swede?

Well he works with cars.

Fast ones.

He is also one of the best drivers I know of.

And that’s saying A LOT because he drives in Sweden, where speed limits are mere “suggestions.”

I’m very happy to have all this “left brained” energy in my life.

It balances me out and keeps me grounded so that when I’m making a see-through pink tutu with LED lights for Burning Man, someone is there to remind me to buy underwear so that the whole world doesn’t become my gynecologist.

Wise words!

Happy Birthday Tejas!

Tejas turns 57 in a week.

And although most people don’t understand it, he happens to be my best friend.

In the three years that I’ve known him, we have been on many adventures together.

Three Burning Mans.

Five SoulFires.

One unSCruz.

And countless parties.

He has kept me company on the long drive to Santa Rosa to visit my birthfamily.

And he accompanied me during my research into nude resorts.

Tough job, eh?


So for his birthday I got him something special.

You know how he likes to wear Burning Man pendants?

Well, I purchased a pendant for him from a small studio in Bali.

It’s a steampunk pendant loosely based on an ancient Mayan calendar design, which is perfect since Tejas has some Mayan in him.

I think he will LOVE it.

So to my bestie, I wish you a very happy birthday!

There’s no one I’d rather burn with than you.

Even though you drive me crazy at times. . .

Glass making and wine tasting

This weekend Tejas and I went to Livermore to make glass pendants.

I thought the class would take a few hours.

Instead it only took about 30 minutes.

IMG_8618 IMG_8617


We basically glued broken shards of glass onto premade shapes of black glass which would then have a clear glass overlay put on top before melting for 5 -6 hours in the kiln.

Here are my pendants:

IMG_8615It was a lot of fun however I found myself wanting to make more of a day of it and so Tejas and I went to Concannon Winery for a little wine tasting.


IMG_8620 IMG_8634

We tried 7 wines, including one white, one port, one dessert wine, and 4 reds.

IMG_8621The Malbec was both my favorite and Tejas’ favorite and so he bought a case…

…and gifted me one bottle!

Woo hoo!

I’d like to say I still have that bottle of wine, but instead I popped it open and shared it with my parents over dinner.

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed it!

The woman who owned the glass shop where we made our pendants couldn’t say enough good things about Livermore, especially the wine industry there.

It got me thinking that maybe when I go to pick up my finished glass pendants, I’ll take a friend and we can go wine tasting in Livermore some more.

Pendant making may only take a few minutes but I could nose a good Pinot for hours.