Love is

Love is kissing open mouthed, even when your partner is sick. Even if you just caught Mono. That’s love baby.

Love is thinking someone is a perfect 10. Even when they’re sitting on a couch in dirty sweats eating Cheetos and licking their fingers.

Love is knowing another person better than you know yourself. You can sense their mood in a two word text. You just know.

Love is arguing. About the dishes. And about the lack of communication. But really every argument is about the lack of communication. But you get past it.

Love is about loving a person even when they’re behaving like an ass. You know it will pass. But don’t put up with someone who’s an ass all the time.

Love is being kind for no other reason than to be kind. Love is not selfish. Love has no ulterior motives.

Love is wanting to do good. It’s wanting to be the best you that you can be for your partner.

There are, of course, many more attributes to love but one more thing: Love is forgetting everyone else who hurt you, being able to look back and be grateful for so many relationships that brought you to the one you love.

And you’re happy. Blissfully happy.