Have I mentioned recently how lucky I am to be a mom to my two boys?

I can’t express enough gratitude for being chosen to be their mother.

My eldest, Duncan, is now working and joined the Army National Guard to be in the Military Police.

Of course, he hopes to get a career in law enforcement, just like his father.

My youngest, just got accepted into UNR and will be attending in the fall and studying the field of biology.

He hopes to make a career as a veterinarian or a nurse.

Now, the thing you must know about having teenage boys is that even though they are less work than girls, with less mood swings, and outbursts, they’re also fiercely independent.

I’m constantly texting them asking where they are and who they are with.

I barely see them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they need food to survive, I could go days without seeing them.

So, all this is just a BIG excuse for me to post this photo of us:

They came into my room while I was lounging on my bed – Duncan on the right and Gavin on the left, and they stayed there long enough for me to snap the photo.

Fuck yeah!


Photographer or “photographer”

From time to time I run into photographers who ask if they can take my photo.

Are they photographers or “photographers”?

I don’t know.

Take for instance this past weekend.

Ben, who was assisting in my hot air balloon ride, told me I had an Anna Nicole Smith vibe.

It always begs the question. . .

THIS Anna Nicole Smith?

anna nicole smithor HOT MESS Anna Nicole Smith?

anna nicole smithRegardless, I suppose it’s a compliment.

So there I am, getting ready to leave after my hot air balloon ride when I’m approached by Ben.

He tells me he’d like to stay in contact with me.

He’d like to take my picture.

Says he’s a photographer (or “photographer”).

And he thinks I’d look great in black and white.

I should’ve told him about my Boudoir Adventure of 2014.

But no, instead I take his business card (a business card which does not have a link to a professional website, incidentally) and I thank him for his interest.

I think of all the creeps I have fended off over the years who have asked to take my picture.

Ben came off far less creepy and far more genuine than the others.

But I’m still not going to take him up on his offer.

Lately me and photographs have not been friends.



Double ugh!!

I didn’t do a ton of activities at SoulFire on account of I spent a lot of my time battling dehydration and heat exhaustion.

I soaked in the pool.

I visited a Nibbles and Nipples party.

And I strolled around the grounds and scoped out some fun.

But mostly I hung out with friends and talked.

One thing I did do was take my Vitruvian Man/Woman photos.

Today they were emailed to me and I must say, I WAS TOTALLY UNPREPARED TO SEE MYSELF THIS WAY.

0057v-PUB 0057w-PUB


Ugh and double ugh.

Although I love the style, can I tell you how much I HATE MYSELF IN THESE PHOTOS?

I don’t think I need to explain why.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Suffice to say that I should NOT have been walking around SoulFire in THAT outfit.

I had no idea I looked THAT bad.

‘Nuf said.