When Pinterest fails. . .

I LOVE Pinterest.

There’s nothing quite like having a board with all your links organized by theme on the internet.

Sadly, I’ve discovered some of those links no longer work after a few months or so and it becomes obsolete.

I have a Pinterest board with gift ideas for my family which is VERY outdated.

The links BARELY work.

But the ideas are still there.

So I’ve looked up my favorites in Amazon and am posting them here where I can have easy access to them.

Feel free to poach ideas from this list.

I am a master at giving fun, relevant gifts to friends and family.


I bought a custom mug for The Swede and he loves it.  Customize one for any beer lover. And let’s face it, who isn’t?! $22

My mom LOVES these little collapsible bags in fruit shapes and I do too. $13

There’s nothing quite like a letterpress calendar to make me swoon. $25

Boot socks!  Ingenious! $13

Get a journal for any budding writer (or blogger). $11

Galaxy socks.  Out of this world! $13

Sweet pajama top. $17

Cupcake maker.  For the sweet tooth. $27

Wine flight, for the wine enthusiast. $35

Perfect double highball.  Sturdy and tip resistant. $13

Chocolate covered apricots from Marini’s Candies.  Yum! $40

Perfect for the garage or man cave. $60

Wine aerator, for the wine aficionado. $22

Oh how I love amaryllis.  Gorgeous winter blooms! $19

Perfect hostess gift. $17

I have family members who would slay for this game. $29

My team, the Sloth Running Team $15

Release your inner pirate.  $17

Death Wish Coffee – quite possibly the STRONGEST coffee on the market?  Worth a try!  $20

Snarky, but who doesn’t love a little snark? $13

$35 for a deck of cards?  Yes, but look how BEAUTIFUL they are! $35

I love Princess Bride, don’t you? $22

The Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth Collector’s Edition.  Be amazed! $55

Know anyone who likes puzzles AND building this?  Then this. . . $39

Perfect holiday tablecloth for the ENTERTAINER $24



Bear with me because I feel a rant coming on.

I’ve been a Pinterest member for ages now.

Since back when you had to APPLY to be a member.

It’s been a great way to organize the things I come across on the internet.

And I’ve used it a great deal for collecting Burning Man ideas – on fashion, survival, food, art, photography, etc.

I have loved Pinterest like a beauty addict loves Sephora.

But then I went and did something.

I clicked on an animal rescue story.

Just once.

And now my feed is FILLED with animal rescue stories.

Each one showing a pitiful little creature near death.

I am compelled to click on each one to make sure that the cat or dog is now happy and healthy with a loving family and a warm home.

Every time I am in tears.

Seriously, who cuts off an animal’s feet?

Or chains a pregnant dog in a forest to die?

I don’t know what to do to get rid of all these sad stories.

And maybe it’s saying something about me that I need to look the other way.

But I can’t handle the suffering.

And now my stream is filled with these stories.


You’re not alone, sister!

Almost 2 years ago I participated in Burning Man for the first time.

As is my usual habit, I spent A LOT of time planning and prepping.

I carefully reviewed every Burning Man Essentials list and incorporated all the items I was missing into my growing inventory.

In the end, I had 16 bins full of gear.

I may have gone overboard, but let me tell you, I was PREPARED.

Sunblock for my hair?


Essentials oils for my face mask?


Ridiculous now to think about them, but at the time I thought they were ESSENTIAL.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time looking online for fashion guidance.

Self expression is BIG at Burning Man.

I was totally disappointed to find that 99.9% of the representations of women at Burning Man include slim women only.

Where are my thick girls? My curvy ladies?

I could find no representation of women on the playa for women OVER A SIZE 12.

What up?!

I began to wonder if I’d be the only thick girl on the playa.

Of course, that turned out to not be the case, but it still bothers me to this day that the diversity that exists on the playa is not captured by playa photographers.

And, of course, I had to remedy the situation not just by posting my playa photos on the internet, but also by creating a Pinterest board with fashion inspiration for the curvy lady planning to go to the playa.

You’re not alone, sister!




Broken heart

A month ago I suffered a loss in my life of a relationship that meant a lot to me. With a person I thought very highly of.

Recently that loss was compounded and my heart was ripped open to bleed and hemorrhage all over again.

I’d like to say I handled it like a lady and quietly mourned my losses. But I didn’t.

I turned (understandably) into a bitch and lashed out at the source of my suffering.

I’ve since calmed the fuck down and am now able to slowly recover from my trauma, in the best way I know how…

…by perusing Pinterest for broken heart quotes and picking my favorites for this post.

IMG_7912 IMG_7903
IMG_7904 IMG_7905
IMG_7906 IMG_7907
IMG_7908 IMG_7909
IMG_7910 IMG_7911
IMG_7913 IMG_7914

Marriage vs the alternative…

I spoke to a friend yesterday who told me in no uncertain terms that he had no intention of ever getting married again, “unless my partner is really committed to the idea,” he clarified.

He brought up a very good point for me… do I believe in the institution of marriage?

I’ve often heard that it’s far more romantic to remain unmarried and with somebody at will, rather than because you’ve made a legal commitment to one another .

And ultimately, that is how I see marriage – as a legal commitment between two people such that the government can increase their taxes and charge them to co-habit.

It’s not that I’m unromantic.

Okay, it’s true I’m not the most romantic woman on the planet. I’d rather be expressing my love and adoration through sexual favors than through romantic dinners for two or bouquets of flowers.

If you want to tell me you love me, wake me up in the middle of the night to knock out a piece. That’s love to me.

So I may be a tad on the unromantic side, but overall, what is the purpose of marriage? You can spend the rest of your life with someone without getting married. And you can divorce (at great cost) anyone you do marry. So there’s no guarantees with either form of coupled bliss.

That said, I’ll admit that I do have a secret “Wedding” Board and a “My Life Board” on Pinterest. And I had fun months ago posting all sorts of things to that Board – dresses, favors, fonts, invitations, pictures, reception ideas, etc. So part of me, in a way, longs to have a wedding and be a bride (yes, AGAIN). I think I love the idea of a man saying to me “I love you so much I need to spend the rest of my life with you. And I’ll prove it. Marry me.”



But what does it say when a couple doesn’t get married? When they stay together and raise children without the benefit of vows? Aren’t we all amazed at their dedication? Aren’t we all wondering how they do it?

Some of the happiest couples I know aren’t married. Many have relationships that have lasted longer than my own 10 year marriage. And I really admire the dedication and love they show eachother – not because they have to but BECAUSE THEY WANT TO.

The bottom line is that I think that it’s super romantic to say to the other person, “I will love you for the rest of my life and I promise to not marry you but instead work hard for the rest of my life to make you happy and deserve you.”

A wedding is a party. A marriage is a contract. A partnership is love. I refuse to believe that commitment only exists when the couple is married. There are too many ways to commit yourself to someone to limit it to married couples. And in the end, isn’t that what we all want? A partner? Someone to love and be loved by? Forever.