I’ve swum in that pool

The other day, an ex-boyfriend of mine posted birthday photos of his kids to facebook.

They were taken in his parent’s beautiful manicured backyard and I couldn’t help but notice the pool in the pictures which took me back 25 years to when we were wild teenagers fooling around in that pool.

Good to know it’s still seeing good times and young hearts.

Man, did I have a blast in that pool.

Swimming with the boys.

Goofing off with girlfriends.

I remember supervising his high school sister in his parent’s house over the weekend when her parents were away my junior year in college.

She threw a HUGE party in the backyard.

The kind of party where some drunk kid throws up on the front lawn and they break into the parent’s exceptional wine cellar and steal vintage wines.

I eventually kicked out almost all but the innermost circle of friends.

The cops were eventually called by the neighbors, but I was so agro about the whole party I cleaned up all the recycling and garbage so the COPS FOUND NOTHING!

Lucky me, no?

Not a cigarette butt, not a bottle cap, not a cork nor bottle.

Just me, floating in that beautiful pool.

And his sister, surrounded by friends at the fire pit.

SoulFire (aka the night I lost my pants)

I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t told this story yet.

As you know, SoulFire is near and dear to my heart.

And it’s because of the people and cherished memories.

So many loving hugs, smiling faces, and open hearts!

Each time I’ve gone to SoulFire, it’s with my BFF Tejas.

The first time we ever went, we took his Motorbeast (the RV) and did a “mock up” of Burning Man.

To see if we could live with each other.

Within minutes of arriving and setting up, I was making Tejas a cocktail.

A margarita.

He handed me his cup, which was a LARGE MCDONALD’S cup that used to hold soda in it.

I made him a QUADRUPLE!

Actually, what I should say is that I MADE HIM A QUADRUPLE WITHOUT TELLING HIM!

[I call it a QUADRUPLE, but really I have no idea how big it was.  I just kept pouring tequila.]

I thought it would last the next several hours.

Well, he drank it down, not realizing how much tequila I put in it. . .

. . .and proceeded to forget the rest of the evening.

No memory of having dinner. No memory of getting nicknamed by a sexy woman.


I, on the other hand, proceeded to walk around naked (it was a naturalist resort, btw) then semi naked in a tank top and booty shorts.

Let’s just say when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t find my jeans!

Late into the evening however, someone came to fetch me to bring Tejas home to his RV.

He was sitting on a bench, happy as a lark, ready to go to bed.

And do you know, I managed to get him to the RV, undressed, and even got his C-PAP machine on him before I went to bed.

I am one hell of a good friend (or good at making up for being a BAD friend and getting my BFF wasted).

Tejas and I always have a good laugh about it now.

The night I got him drunk, lost my pants, and put him to bed!

The post where I straddle his face

michelleI did something OUTRAGEOUS the other day.

I was at a party.

One with a pool and a hot tub where wearing clothes was “optional.”

So I went in the hot tub.



There was this guy there (there’s always a man, isn’t there?).

We were just chatting about tattoos and I mentioned that I had 5 tattoos.

He asked to see them.

No biggie, right?

Well, two of my tattoos are on my hips and there was no way to show them to him standing up in the hot tub since they were covered by water.

So I stood on the hot tub seat, STRADDLED him, and showed him my tattoos.


Now, first let me say that I wasn’t really thinking straight. I’d had champagne and fire whiskey and wine.

Until I jumped up and shoved my pussy in his face, I really had no idea that he’d be so close in proximity to it.

I thought I was being more demure but in reality I was being INCREDIBLY BOLD.

I’m confident I will never do this again, but it was fun to do just this once and to see his reaction.

I’m not sure he even SAW my tattoos.

I think he was DISTRACTED. . .

Hula hoops and swimming pools

I have been trying and trying to hula hoop and failing miserably.


I went outside and hooped for 20 minutes straight and couldn’t get that fucking hula hoop to go around me.

It would drop to the ground within seconds.

Well, Tuesday evening Breaker came over to my house and fixed all that.

He took one look at my hula hoop, told me it was way too advanced for me, and got me started hooping on one of his hoops. My hoop is the smallest in the pic below:

FullSizeRender(10)You can imagine my relief when I found myself capable of hula hooping.

I learned to hula hoop around my waist, around my hand, around my body. I learned to move while I hula hooped… not easy, btw.

After all the hooping, Breaker showed me some of his moves.

IMG_7034It’s rather incredible to see a hoop performance. It requires balance and timing and excellent hooping skills. I was impressed that after only 45 minutes, Breaker had me hooping like I knew what I was doing.

Sort of.

Anyhow, after the hoop lesson, Breaker and I took to the pool and floated around in the bathtub-like water while the sun slowly set behind us.

IMG_7041We talked about relationships, the playa, and Burning Man.

Breaker had clever insights into my own struggles and I found his company very charming and witty.

My darling dog Wendy finally figured out a way into the pool by going under the fence, and she joined us for a swim.

Finally, my boys came out to cover the pool and Breaker and I went inside to continue our chat.

All in all, it was a great evening with wonderful company. I greatly admire Breaker’s talent with hula hoops and I hope I progress myself to be able to put on a show for my friends and loved ones at Burning Man.

First step is to get a decent hula hoop for me to use.

Anyone know where I can get one?

BottleRock Napa, part 1

BottleRock Napa… in one word?  Outrageous.  Fun. Wild. Crazy. Wine. Food. Music.  Friends.

For one crazy weekend, my girlfriends and I went to Napa and attended BottleRock.

We started out with a stop at Chandon Winery for a little sparkling wine flight and a bottle of champagne.  We purchased 3 more bottles of sparkling wine to take to our hotel, knowing we’d probably kill them that night.


Slightly inebriated, we went to our hotel and soaked in the tub.


Our soak was followed by a very exotic dinner at Denny’s.  Then we took a very expensive cab ride from Fairfield to Downtown Vacaville to go dancing.

Pool, beer, ghetto metal, and dancing ensued.  Then we took off and went dancing at Blondies.  A great time was had by all!

More on BottleRock in the next post…