unSCruz 2018: Appreciations

All right.

The overwhelming story that emerges from unSCruz 2018 is one of community.

Despite the fact that we took up more space than we were alotted, we managed to squeeze everyone but the largest camper into our little plot of unSCruz real estate.

It was a beautiful thing to be living in community with so many wonderful, lovely people.

And of course when it was time to gift spankings and cookies to the crowds, everyone stepped up and played their part and we ran like a smooth well-oiled spanking and cookie baking machine.

I must give a shot out to all my campmates who really killed it food-wise for our Saturday potluck.

And then stuck around on Sunday to help tear down the camp, load my truck, and just generally being awesome people I loved spending my weekend with.

We had two women camping with us who were newbies to regional burns and they really rocked their outfits and spent time socializing with their camp mates.

I heart them for embracing the Burning Man culture, despite not having experienced a Burn.

And then there were the fabulous trio of men who complimented me and flirted with me ALL WEEKEND LONG.

They also were fabulous chefs and magnificent company the entire time.

And of course, who can forget the ladies, especially Marina who walked around in a tutu and bra and looked smashing!

Then there’s Yvette who gave out the MOST AMAZING HUGS and really made all of us feel loved and cared for.

GQ, who I swear is my brother from another mother, was a most excellent volunteer and really took on the role of helping out everyone in camp and in the larger community.

“MotherP” and Tejas deserve special kudos for looking after me (more on that later), and of course who can forget Dan and his girlfriend who really added color to the event and our camp.

I also have to thank Ned for bringing his hot tub and then soaking with me in it.

But no weekend recap would be complete without mentioning our fearless leader (and his lovely wife) who made the entire event possible by producing it with the incomparable Sass.

Without Twisty and Sass, there would be empty fairgrounds and no festival.

So much more to say, but for now, just thank yous all around and my unending appreciation for the extraordinary individuals whom they are!

Hugs and kisses for everyone!

Might as well stamp “hillbilly” on my forehead and give me a mullet

Last night was the first meeting of the board for one of the volunteer organization I work with.  I showed up a few minutes early and parked in front of one of the biggest, luxurious houses in the neighborhood.  I’m not kidding when I tell you it was 5,000 square feet or more.

I handed the hostess a plate of little iced cakes and a nice bottle of wine I brought for the dinner.  She looked confused but took them into the kitchen.  I glanced around at the other guests – all dripping in diamonds and pearls with perfectly blown out hair.

Suddenly the cheeky little hat I was wearing – which I swear saves me from every bad hair day I have ever had – was not looking quite so stylish.  I was the only one in jeans.  The grungiest girl in the room.  Bah!

Feeling awfully nervous and intimidated, I drank my glass of wine and chatted with other guests.

Me:  I have a ballgown collection.

Guest:  I have one ballgown but I’m afraid to wear it to parties.  I don’t want to be the dressiest one in the room.

Me:  [Thinking:  “Better to be the dressiest one in the room than the least dressiest” but then I remember my casual attire and say nothing.]

The evening went better after that, I thought, once all of us were a little lubed up with liquor.  But the reason why the hostess looked confused when I handed her wine and desserts?  It’s because she had WAITSTAFF and a CATERED DINNER for our meeting.  F..U..C…K!  How did I miss that detail?  Here I was showing up “a la potluck” and she had STAFF!

The evening went smoothly, once we were all lubed up with wine. And at the end, our gracious hostess gave us gifts of silver and chocolate.  And as I was leaving, I slipped an envelope in her hand – a little “Thank you for hosting” card I picked up at etsy.com.  Feeling smug, I thought, “Okay, sure.  I was the hillbilly element in this party, but at least I remembered my manners!”


I arrived home very late and went to brush my teeth and that’s when I noticed