Magic is what you make of it

Disney loveMagic always comes with a prince

At least that’s what Disney and Hollywood lead you to believe.

Of course lately, there’s been less focus on the prince and more focus on the heroine, but you get the picture – love, above all, makes the story.

And how are we single ladies supposed to feel about this in real life?

Well, I’ll tell you, being single has never hurt my social life. In fact, I think I get out more and do more things simply because I don’t have a partner to hang out at home with eating pizza and drinking beer with on a Saturday night.

Being single didn’t hurt me when I was racing cars at the Stockton 99.


Being single especially didn’t hurt me when I was leaping from an airplane with a hot man and a parachute strapped to my back.

And it certainly didn’t hurt me when I went to the Alameda County Fairgrounds and ran with the bulls.

photo 4No, being single hasn’t hurt one bit.

Even my more carnal urges somehow manage to get taken care of.

So what then is my life missing without a man to “complete” me?

The answer is nothing.

I have friends and family who give me love and camaraderie and lovers who give me intimacy.

Everything else is icing on the cake.

Sure, it’s magical when life and love come with a prince.

But it sure as hell isn’t required.

Magic, is what you make of it.

Purple People Eater

The theme for the next Village meeting is “Purple.”

I think it’s in honor of Prince, who sadly passed away far too soon last month.

So, in my usual fashion, I’ve pulled together a costume which is NOTHING BUT PURPLE.

We’ll start at the top with a purple wig and a purple hat (custom made by MOI):

purple-hat purple-wig

Then, I’m wearing a fuzzy purple crop jacket – because NOTHING SAYS BURNING MAN LIKE SOME FAUX FUR!

Here’s the jacket in blue, and a swatch of the purple fur.  I’m getting the jacket custom made in Las Vegas!!!

purple-hoodie purple-fur

The lining of the jacket will be a lovely silver-grey satin:


Add some purple leggings and a purple corset and I’ve got a purple outfit fit for a queen!  Or a Prince, as the case may be!

purple-corset purple-pants

And the final touches. . .  purple feather earrings and a pair of purple ankle boots.  Et voliá!

purple-earrings purple-boots