Locked and loaded

gunguy1I just want to bring up what I find a disturbing trend in online dating – POSTING PICTURES WITH GUNS.



Do I really need to see that you love posting pictures your rifle or shotgun more than you enjoy posting pictures of your car and your friends?

I think not.

I posted a picture of my truck because I like it and it has a HEMI which I find very sexy.

It represents my on-the-go lifestyle.

But a gun?

I’m not gonna post pictures of me with a gun because that doesn’t reflect who I am.

I find it intimidating as well as trashy to see men with guns in their online dating profile.

Mind you, I have friends with guns who post pictures to Facebook and that’s a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CREATURE.

Facebook friends know you.  They see pictures of you with your kids.  There’s a whole person represented online.

So I’m a little confused as to why a guy would EMPHASIZE what has to be a small part of his life on his online dating profile.

Those pictures always look menacing.