Let’s just go ahead and acknowledge my love of all things Swedish.

Since before my trip to Stockholm in 2018, I have loved Sweden.

After all, what’s not to love about a country who gave us ABBA, the cheese slicer, and The Swede?

And speaking of The Swede, he’s adopting another puppy come December.

A female.

Which means he will be able to breed his dogs to get puppies.

And I think he intends to do just that.

So besides having a new car, a new motorcycle, a new fiancée, a new home, a new hot tub, a new dog, and a new puppy, he will now be breeding more PUPPIES!

The thought of puppy breath and soft velvet noses makes my peri-menopausal ovaries shudder a little with pleasure.

Me thinks it may be time to adopt a four-legged friend for myself.

Update on The Swede

It’s been a while since I posted about The Swede.

We’ve kept in touch as friends and I’m happy to report that he’s doing well in Sweden.

He bought a house with his fiancée.

They got a puppy (American Staffordshire).

I think he even got a new job.

And if Tejas can be believed, he now has not one but TWO motorcycles.

The need for speed is strong in this man.

As with most men I dated, sometime I think of him wistfully.

It was so fun to take him to unSCruz and introduce him to the Burner culture.

Also, I had a blast when I went to Sweden to visit him during January of 2018.

The other day, The Swede posted pics to his Facebook page showing his new deck and HOT TUB.

Yes, the man now owns a hot tub.

So, to recap. . .

NEW fiancée, NEW house, NEW puppy, NEW job, NEW motorcycles and NEW hot tub.


As for me, I’m working away at my old job, with no fiancé, and no pets while California burns to the ground around me and I shelter in place due to covid.

But don’t fret, I’m doing fine.

It just wouldn’t be my life if there weren’t some barriers to overcome.