Lemons to Lemonade

Sheltering at home is starting to take its toll on me.

I forget what day it is so easily.

And I CONSTANTLY question:  Am I hungry or just bored?

I find myself standing in front of the refrigerator more times than I care to admit wondering if I’m really hungry.

Besides taking on learning another language, I’ve decided to also try my hand at exercise.

In a fit of self-love and self-acceptance, I purged most of my exercise clothes from my wardrobe nearly a year ago so in order for me to workout, I need to get some appropriate workout attire.

I chose a lovely purple Karma tank top:

And some black leggings:

I love the sentiment of the KARMA tank top.

The recycle symbol reminds me that what goes around comes around although I guess in this day and age that can be a scary thought.

Anyway, pretty soon you will catch me taking afternoon walks in the hills of my town, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and getting some much needed exercise.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.



Man, Netflix and chill takes on a whole new meaning when you’re sheltering in place.

Me, and all my friends, are swapping movie titles and tv shows encouraging everyone to stay safe and sane during these tough times.

I have to admit, with all the food in the house, I am eating better than ever.

We’re talking home cooked meals and free-flowing booze.

As you have already guessed, I’m spending much of my time planning quilts.

I’ve decided that this is also an excellent time to start an exercise and diet regimen, since I am not eating out.

The good news is that I’ve lost 3 pounds in my first week.

The bad news is that I fight the urge to drink ALL DAY LONG.

But progress is progress.

Today I hope to get outside and go for a little walk.

Stretch my legs.

Get some fresh air.

I am thankful for the people living in my house with me.

They might represent potential sources of contagion, but they also keep me from getting too lonely or scared.

We’re all in this together.