Let the quilting commence!

I FINALLY finished the back to my nephews’ custom quilt for their mother, my sister-in-law.

It goes to the long arm quilter today to be quilted and then after I pick it up, I trim the quilt and put the binding on the quilt and VOILA. . . another finished quilt.

Here’s what it currently looks like:

I managed to make a matching pillow case to go with the quilt but sadly I only had enough leftover fabric for one pillowcase so the boys will either have to share or let their mother have it.

I’ve begun working on another quilt.

This one is for my nephew Calvin and it’s a seahorse/ocean themed quilt with “9-patch” squares that make up the main design.

I love the look of the window panes – it’s as if you’re looking through a glass bottom boat into the ocean and it’s teeming with life – with seahorses, whales, dolphins, sea stars, coral, fish and more!

Here’s a peek at some of the squares already assembled:

Personally, I love it and the only thing bothering me right now is the fact that I can’t find the fabric I bought to make the back of the quilt.

Wish me luck with this new quilt.

It shouldn’t take longer than a week to complete.

Just in time for Mother’s Day

I made another quilt.

It’s not finished yet, but the top has been pieced together.

It’s a quilt I made using ten inch white fabric squares and fabric markers.

I supplied my nephews with the squares and markers and they designed 12 unique designs to incorporate into the quilt.  Here are two:

I sewed a simple window pane pattern around the squares and I must say, I think the quilt turned out lovely.

It was really simple to do and I followed only the pattern in my head to make it.

Took just a few hours for me to pull together.

Here are the supplies I used:

Ten inch cotton squares (also known as a layer cake):

If you’d like, you can also use five inch cotton squares (also known as a charm pack):

Fabric markers – get the ones with fine point and chisel point tips for drawing lines and filling in space:

Add a little love and magic and voila!

You have yourself a charming quilt.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I might add.

Tranquil Ocean

I may have gotten a little excited about the 50% off Spoonflower fat quarter fabrics.

Just a little.

I bought 26 fat quarters to make my niece Bella a custom quilt yesterday.

Today, I bought 18 fat quarters to make a custom quilt for my nephew Calvin.

First, I found this OUTSTANDING window pane quilt pattern made with Kate Spain Terrain fabrics.

The exceptional fabrics make the quilt really stand out.

It’s probably a quilt I can knock out in one or two weekends of work, I think so it’s what I call an “easy” quilt project.

Unlike the current project I am working on which will take 50 – 100 hours of work (all for my kid who wanted it).

Spruced Goose Quilt

And just because I like lining up all my fabrics in a row and looking at them in one glance, here are the Spoonflower fabrics I selected for a watercolor underwater themed quilt for my nephew (who is REALLY into seahorses):

I bleed for the best

If you’re wondering who is affected by the power going out in California due to the PG&E outages, the answer is ME.

My house has no power.

Needless to say I have some strong feelings on the matter regarding the giving of millions of dollars in bonuses to PG& E executives while aging infrastructure isn’t maintained properly.

The power has been off for nearly two days now and I had to go to Tejas’ house nearby to take a shower.

Le sigh.

Anyway, what did I do while the power was out?

I cut fabric for a quilt.

I discovered my old method of cutting fabric on the floor wouldn’t work for me because it gave me SUCH AN ACHE IN MY BACK I was walking like a grandma when I stood up.

So I had to modify my kitchen table to accommodate my cutting and thankfully, that seemed to do the trick.

I just can’t sit on the floor, bent over a mat, cutting fabric anymore.

So I managed to cut all my fabric, even the 100 white triangles that I COMPLETELY forgot about until I was getting ready to put things away.

One thing did happen though.

I cut my index finger on my rotary blade while cutting fabric thereby ensuring that this quilt will be magnificent.

I bleed for all the best quilts.

Quilting Frenzy

I guess it’s the season.

All of a sudden I’m getting SUPER domestic and I’m quilting up a storm.

Maybe it’s because I’m not dating so I have free time to actually work on my projects.

In case you want to see them, here are the latest quilt projects I’m working on:

That should be enough to keep me busy.

I’m planning quilts for my mom and my sisters.  Maybe even one for my niece Bella.

Despite looking complicated, these quilts are at best intermediate skill level, which means I won’t be tearing my hair out trying to piece them together.

Wish me luck and if you like any of them, let me know!

Which one would you like?

Plan B

Oh dear.

I may have planned out my next quilt a little too hastily.

Just out of curiosity, I went and photoshopped the pattern another way and I like it the color arrangement much better than my first attempt.

The teal/aqua combination looks much better than the teal/lavender combination.

Like by a LONG SHOT.

I think I will have to scrap Plan A and move on to Plan B.

It’s no big deal however.

I haven’t done any real work on the cutting and piecing yet.

I haven’t even received the fabric in the mail yet and the difference between Plan A and Plan B is less than a yard of aqua fabric.

So I’m making an executive decision and going with my second color arrangement instead of my first.

If I didn’t make the change, I’d forever be looking at that quilt thinking, “oh, it could have been SOOOOO much nicer.”

Boring crafty quilting life

I’ve begun working on a new quilt which is a nice way of saying I sat down and bought fabric for the quilt.

Personally, I wanted to see if the fabrics I selected would look good together so through photoshop magic I swapped out the blue and green colors in the original quilt for the teal and lavender fabrics I selected.

Not too shabby.

Then I found 108” wide fabric for the backing with a BEAUTIFUL watercolor floral pattern in blues and purples and I WAS SOLD.

The fabric is PERFECT for the backing of the quilt and requires no sewing on my part since it’s 108” wide.

It also ties in all the colors quite nicely and will make a good contrast against the pieced side of the quilt.

Honestly, I’m so excited about working on this quilt.

My least favorite part is cutting the fabric, and I can already tell that’s going to take the LONGEST time with this quilt.

For Barbara’s quilt, it took me 6 hours to cut all the fabric.

This time, I’m guessing it’ll be about 9 hours.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and find a short cut.

But you know I’m in a domestic mood when talking about “getting lucky” means the quilt I’m working on will take only 9 hours to cut.

This is my boring crafty quilting life.


It’s my favorite time of year – the build-up from Halloween, and my birthday to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Needless to say I do not suffer from season affective disorder, though I know a few people who do and it’s a terrible thing to have happen.

I love the holidays.

I EVEN love holiday music.

Yes, I’m one of THOSE people.

I think my love of the holidays comes from my mother.

Growing up, we’d decorate, cook, and listen to Christmas music during the holiday season.

I remember Mom would put on Christmas music and we’d bake cookies and pies until the dining room table was FILLED WITH TREATS!

This year I’m doing what I did last year and I’m QUILTING for the holidays.

My work shuts down for two weeks during the holidays and it’s the PERFECT time to start a quilting project.

This time, I’m looking at two quilt patterns:

The trick is that I really should make the Spruced Goose quilt because I have all the supplies to make it.

However, it’s a gift for a friend and the Star Gazing quilt is actually a more appropriate color scheme for her.

So I’m stuck.

Do I make the quilt that’s better for her or the one I’ve got all the supplies for?

Oh, the dilemma.

Turns out, I may just try to make both and decide what to do with them later.

Also, I have THIS quilt top which needs to be finalized and I haven’t created the backing for it yet so maybe I’ll finish THREE QUILTS this holiday season.

What can I say?

I am a quilt making QUEEN!

Old Lady

I have an interesting hobby for a 45 year old woman.

I quilt.

I’ve been quilting for 20 years and because of this, my Instagram feed show a lot of work in progress quilts and finished quilts.

My Instagram is linked to my Tinder account so all the men I match with can see my handiwork.

Some of my quilts turned out quite beautiful, like this one I made for Barbara over Christmas break last year and one I made for family friends who lost their son with a pattern called
Storm at Sea:

If you were to ask me what kind of art do I make, I’d tell you I’m into textile arts.

I LOVE my quilts and every single one I’ve made has been donated to friends or family, with a lot of love.

It takes time and patience and a little bit of serendipity to turn fabric by the yard into a pieced quilt.

I proud of the work I do.

So you can imagine my surprise when someone on Tinder MADE FUN of my quilting.

“Wouldn’t know you’re 45 except for the quilting,” he texted me.

I defended myself, saying that I make modern quilts, not grandma quilts.

He replied by saying, “All quilts are grandma quilts.”

So, I present to you my impression of a grandma quilt and my impression of a modern quilt and you tell me if you can’t tell the difference:

Needless to say, homeboy didn’t get too far in seducing me.

Women don’t take kindly to being aged beyond their years and just because I make quilts DOES NOT make me a grandma.


Barbara’s Gift

I don’t know if I’ve said enough about my friend Barbara.

She is the Carrie to my Samantha.

The Louise to my Thelma.

The Laverne to my Shirley.

Barbara always reminds me how special I am.

So over Christmas break, I opted to spend 50 hours of my life making her a quilt to show her how special she is to me.


It turned out HEAVENLY.

It’s a checkerboard pattern of nine patch squares and hourglass squares made from Tilda’s Bird Pond fabric.

It’s framed with a narrow border of off-white embossed fabric and then framed with a wide border of fabric by Elizabeths Studio called Hummingbird Bouquet.

The whole quilt is machine pieced, long arm quilted and hand bound.

I love it.

And I think Barbara does too:


I’m not going to lie.

There were a few tears (mostly Barbara’s) and a few declarations of undying friendship (mostly mine).

Couldn’t love this lady more.

Happy quilt, Barbara!

I love you!