The ravens are watching me

The ravens are watching me.

I know this because right after I restock the food at Michelle’s Critter Café, the ravens show up and snatch the peanuts from the pile of food I’ve laid out for them.

I find this very entertaining so I’ve started stacking the peanuts on top of the rest of the seeds and grains so that the ravens can grab them easily.

Most people are less than enamored with ravens, sometimes mistakenly referred to as crows.

But I like them.

Why, you ask?

Because I have a friend who rehabilitated a raven with a broken wing and watching their relationship unfold over social media totally changed my perspective on these intelligent and graceful birds.

Right now in fact, my friend is raising a baby raven who got kicked out of its nest.

Once again, I’m touched by the love that she shows the fledgling and the relationship that’s developing between the baby raven and her family, including a beautiful rescued blue bird.

I’ve never much thought of myself as a bird person.

I left that for my kid who takes care of three parakeets.

But I’m changing my tune.

All because of the Critter Café.

And my friend.


Michelle’s All-You-Can-Eat Critter Buffet is open for business and let me tell you this. . .

The critters are FLOCKING to it!

I’ve seen squirrels, finches, ravens and even a mouse or two snacking at the 24-hour café.

One small problem.

The ravens overwhelm the little birds when they are there.

Free food is great for the ravens but it saddens me to see the little birds kicked out of the café.

So I bought a bird feeder for SMALL birds and hung it in front of my living room window.

I filled it with small bird feed and would you believe it after just a mere 30 minutes, the little birds found it and started snacking?

This Shelter-In-Place order is doing funny things to me.

I’m homesteading!

Suddenly I’m aware of the wildlife around me, as I never have been before.

I want to help make my backyard a mecca for them.

Someplace they can go for an easy meal and safety.

[Of course, this assumes my old cat won’t go back to being the lethal death force that he was now that he’s in his declining years.]

I can’t take credit completely for my newfound interest in wildlife.

I must thank my friend Frosty Paws whose Facebook posts inspired me to follow in her footsteps to create a critter Shangri-La in my backyard.

Let me encourage each and every one of you to try this out in your own backyard.

It’s so exciting to see the little animals flock to the food!

Given how much we consume of natural resources, it sure is nice to give back in a small way.

Next up on Michelle’s List of Homesteading To-Dos:  Build a bee house!