Old friends are the best friends

The other day I managed to go out with an old friend.

Someone I’ve known for nearly 30 years but haven’t seen in the flesh since 2010.

Seven years!

And I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like an old friend.

You can go years without seeing them or talking to them and then just pick right back up where you left off as if no time has passed.

It’s awesome.

My dear friend, we’ll call him Rob, has had some rough times.

A lot can happen in seven years.

Which is why it was so great to see him and catch up with him.

We talked about difficult topics, like our divorces and our friend who died in 2001.

And we talked about cool things, like our awesome kids and our hobbies.

In the end, I didn’t want to go home.

I just wanted to hang out like we used to in college, playing pool, drinking white Russians (me) and beer over ice (him), and listening to grunge until we passed out.

What I wouldn’t give to live one of those days over again with him and our dear departed friend.

One thing is for sure, old friends carry your story with them and know you like no one else.

Old friends are the best friends.

Lick my nose piercing?

So I met a man on Friday. We’ll call him Rob.

Rob was handsome, employed, and interested in me.

So Rob and I exchanged phone numbers and our conversation went a little like this:

Hi Michelle, it’s Rob.

Hi Rob.

[He sends a selfie and asks me to send one too so I send him this one – me, no makeup. Just to see what he thinks and you can follow the conversation from there:

FullSizeRender(12) FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2


Now I know this might sound hypocritical given how often I talk about sex on this blog, but when it’s the first thing out of the gate, I lose interest in it.


Nope. No thank you.

Maybe I like a challenge. Maybe I want to be the one who initiates. Maybe I want to be wooed a bit.

Whatever the reason, he got dropped the very next day:

“I think we’re looking for two different things. Good luck.”

And his reponse?

“Oh ok.”

Now I’m not going to pretend that I ALWAYS make the right decision, but sometimes, when all the signs are there, I can call it like I see it an GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.