The Swede, kissing and UnSCruz

OMG, she’s not going to blog about The Swede again, is she?




Because he’s handsome, funny, and shy and that all adds up to make him pretty fricking irresistible to me.


Lord knows I don’t meet enough charming men.

Ones who want to cum in my ass and on my face (two things which do NOTHING for me), but the charming ones are few and far between.

The Swede also kisses like a board certified expert.

Trust me.

I’ve kissed a lot of men.

The Swede is EASILY in the Top 5 best kissers of ALL TIME.

The best kisses suck you into them so all you can think about is their mouth on your mouth.

They curl your toes and maybe, JUST MAYBE, get you a little juicy.

That’s what it’s like to kiss The Swede.

I swear I want to just melt into his body and feel every inch of him against me.

I may get my chance at UnSCruz seeing as how we are sharing a tent together.

I warned him the other day, “There will be ropes. We’re staying in a BDSM camp.”

He replied, “I’ve never done that but it could be fun.”

This is exactly the attitude you need to have going into a Burning Man event: open minded, ready to have fun, curious.

“There may be nudity,” I warned him.

Yours or mine?

I think The Swede will have a great time.

I told him my wish for him, “I hope you have a mind blowing good time.”

And I do.

I really do.

Fetish themed Party

IMG_8664It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to blog the burner birthday party I went to this weekend hosted by Mist’R Cool and his lovely wife.

It was like something straight out of a movie – only in the suburbs with lots of costumes and tons of entertainment.

I arrived with a friend. We were both dressed in costume. Him, in a white long-tailed tuxedo and top hat. Me, in a dominatrix outfit – black vinyl, natch.

I took no pictures, out of concern that some people would not want their picture posted online.

I’ll just have to describe the evening’s events to you:

  • Two belly dancers performed, swirling, twirling, and sashaying their way across the dance floor.
  • A gorgeous girl with green hair, wearing nothing but tiny panties, was suspended from a metal frame by ropes which encased her chest and hips. As she spun, she was flogged by the ropemaster.
  • A gorgeous blonde had her chest wrapped with ropes and walked around the party in naught but those ropes and tight leather pants.
  • One man showed up on a leash wearing a full wetsuit, a full black latex mask, and a ball gag. He had my friend in stitches when he realized who it was.
  • A couple showed up in head to toe fur – him in a green and purple pebbled floor length coat with matching fur pants and suspenders. She, in all over head-to-toe pink.
  • Violet wand demonstrations.  Awesome little device!
  • There was karaoke on the dance floor and people sang and danced to the music.

The costumes were everything and people went all out to wear their best “fetish” outfit, which was the theme for the party.


I left relatively early, so to speak, around 11:30 pm because I was simply beat from my recent bout with food poisoning.

But I wish I could’ve stayed later.

Nothing I’ve ever seen, short of some of the performances at Burning Man, even come close to the spectacular entertainment of this birthday party.

Happy Birthday Mist’R Cool.

You’ve still got it!


I was at a bar which will remain unnamed on a Thursday night when people starting pulling out ropes and tying each other up.

It was amazing to watch.

Some people just stood there while the rope got wound around them over and over again. Others worked furiously to tie their partners up with ropes in beautiful designs.

They were tied around their feet, ankles, calves, thighs, arms, torso, neck, etc.

A woman was standing off to the side and she offered to show me how to tie a knot.

Now I’ve taken a sailing class but I’m just guess she wasn’t talking about a half hitch knot.

And sure enough, she wasn’t.

I stood there in my work clothes – pencil skirt, white blouse, and black stiletto sandals – and I proceeded to tie her up.

I wrapped the rope around her wrists about half a dozen times, until she had a nice column of rope on her wrists. Then I fed the rope through the other way and I pulled it tight. The ropes tightened around her wrists in perfect symmetry.

She gave me a bit of advice….

“Wait until you’re about to tighten it, then look at your partner when you do it. It’s what my partner always does when he’s tying me up. He watches me, not the rope.”

So I took that piece of advice to heart.

Another volunteer stepped forward for me to tie him up – a young blond man in his thirties.

“I should warn you, I’m a brat,” he told me.

I proceeded to tie his wrists together. And when it came time to tighten the ropes, I said, “Look at me…” then I tightened them.

And he looked straight at me and said, “Come on, you can do better than that” because I tightened them half-heartedly, afraid I might hurt him.

“Oh you ARE a brat,” I replied and I proceeded to yank the ropes as hard as I could.

He was tied up within seconds and I was feeling awfully smug with myself.

Of course, 15 minutes later he had untied himself demonstrating that I WOULD NOT MAKE A VERY GOOD KIDNAPPER WHATSOEVER.



Oh the crazy things I do

Now that I’m recommitted to my quest to find love, I need to find a whole new set of activities to keep me busy.  In February and March I took a pole dancing class, learned to lap dance, went hiking with the elephant seals in Ano Nuevo, kayaked with gray whales, participated in vinyasa and bikram yoga, and raced stock cars on an actual race track in Stockton.

No, I didn’t meet anyone.  But I had so much fun it didn’t really matter.  So I’d like to keep up the tradition of finding fun activities to do while I take my time finding Mr. Right.

Not Mr. Somewhat-Right, Mr. Almost-Right, or Mr. Ok-For-Now.  And definitely not Mr. FWB.

So help me figure out my next batch of activities:

Personally, the one I REALLY want to do is Great white shark diving.  Only the cost prohibits me from signing up.  But I’m beginning to think a little encouragement from the blogosphere could motivate me to take the plunge, so to speak.

Another activity which scares me is hang-gliding.  It’s nothing I’ve ever done before and I imagine it’s a fantastic experience, albeit one that makes you pucker a bit.

Personally, I think the Paint party and Wine with chocolate pairing sound lovely but in reality would be very boring without a friend there with you.

So vote carefully, my friends.