My first joke in Swedish

All I wanted for Christmas was a boyfriend.

Santa did not deliver.

Barring that, I did have a backup list of Christmas presents:

A Masterclass pass and Rosetta Stone unlimited.

What could be better than learning from the experts on topics ranging from international cuisine to negotiation, to photography and style.

And of course you all know how much I’m enjoying learning Swedish.

Imagine getting access to ALL Rosetta Stone language languages?


Well the good news is that I was gifted some money with which I can apply toward the cost of Masterclass and Rosetta Stone.

In celebration of my soon-to-be trilingual status, I made my very first joke in Swedish:

I was on a walk with a Swedish friend and I asked him how many times he’s attended “SEXSABILITY” the sex-positive festival which takes place in Sweden.

“Six,” he replied.

“Sex,” I joked. [sex is ‘six’ in Swedish]

Ha ha ha ha!

I never said it was a good joke!

Sweden vs Norway

I get a lot of questions about learning Swedish.

Mostly people want to know WHY SWEDISH?

Why would a woman of Norwegian descent opt to learn Swedish instead of Norwegian?

That is an excellent question.

The answer is pretty simple:

Because Rosetta Stone doesn’t offer a class in learning Norwegian but THEY SURE DO IN SWEDISH.

And so, I’m learning Swedish.

Close enough for government work, as they say.

I did however take a moment to consider joining the Daughters of Norway.

Ultimately, I decided that now isn’t the right time.

I’m working on embracing diversity and equality more in my life and the DoN represent a pretty slim selection of what is out there.

Though don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate that they’re an organization of women maintaining their heritage and culture in a country which doesn’t necessarily embrace diversity.

So here are some little knows facts about Norway:

  1. The cheese slicer was invented in Norway, though cheese is often bought pre-sliced (something I remember from my trip to Sweden).
  2. The longest tunnel is in Norway.  It is 15 miles long and cost $113 million to build.
  3. Unlike most Nobel Prize awards, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Norway, not Sweden.
  4. Some Norwegians live in Hell.  Literally.  It’s the name of a city in Norway with about a thousand inhabitants.
  5. In Norway, the last time a police officer shot and killed somebody was in 2006. [LINK]

If that isn’t enough to make you love Norway, then I’m at a loss.



No excuse to be bored

All right I’m just going to come out an admit it.

I’m living in pajamas right now.


Sheltering at home may be necessary but it’s screwing with my head.

I can barely tell what day it is.

All the weekdays blend into one and each one is pretty similar to the one before it.

I’ve developed some habits that are helping relieve the boredom.

After all, I think boredom is just indicative of an inactive mind.

Plenty to do to stay engaged and alert.

My favorite thing now is to go for a walk.

It gets my heart pumping and exposes me to sunlight and cool breezes.

What’s not to love about a hike?

And if you call a friend then you have someone to chat with and you can catch up on the latest news while exercising your body.

Win, win!

I also enjoy playing the piano.

Funny because I left it alone for 20 years, but I can honestly say now that I’m appreciative of my parents pushing me to learn when I was a very reluctant student all those years ago.

Craft projects come in a close third along with costuming.

For me, crafting means breaking out my sewing machine and making quilts while costuming means going online and finding key pieces for my wardrobe of costumes.

My favorite place to source unique one-of-a-kind pieces and custom work is etsy.

And here are some craft projects that have been tempting me:

In addition, I’ve been enjoying growing plants from seeds indoors to transplant into the garden.

This sunflower kit really appeals to me (so much so I gave it as a gift to someone special):

But also you can grow herbs for cooking, to be transplanted outdoor or kept on your window sill:

Finally, my final suggestion is to learn a new language.

Who doesn’t need to learn Spanish, or French?

Even just become capable of basic conversation and comprehension.

If you hear me say I’m bored, remind me that there is a world of entertainment out there and I’ve got no excuse to be bored.

Kan du prata Svenska?

I broke down and bought Rosetta Stone.

Why, do you ask?

Well now seems like the perfect time to learn a language and I’ve heard that Rosetta Stone is the best.

I have three months to learn as much Swedish as I possibly can from my lessons.

Why Swedish?

The Swede is long gone and happily married.

Well it’s because I already started learning Swedish so I figure I might as well continue.

My Norwegian Great Grandma Inge might be rolling in her grave at the thought of a great grand daughter who can speak no Norwegian but is fluent in Swedish.

But I get ahead of myself.

There’s only two other languages that I’m interested in learning right now – French and Spanish.

French, because I studied it for 13 years and still have trouble speaking it.

Spanish because WHO CAN’T USE SPANISH?

I’m probably an intermediate French speaker and a beginning Spanish speaker, though my dad speaks it fluently given that he was born in Chile.

My dad could have taught all his kids Spanish as we grew up but chose not to because as an immigrant, he wanted his kids to be American, not South American.

I deeply regret not asking him to speak Spanish to me when I was old enough to understand how useful being bilingual would be.

My dad speaks more than just English and Spanish.

There’s also German and Arabic.

One day, I decided I would get to the bottom of which language was my dad’s dominant language and I asked him, “What language do you dream in?”



The good thing about learning a new language through Rosetta Stone is that it’s all online and you practice speaking it as they give visual clues to identify words.

It’s pretty remarkable.

I wish I had a coupon code I could share to let readers sign up to learn any of the 24 languages they offer.

But they do have a great introductory offer right now – $11.99 per month for 3 months to learn one language of your choosing.

So get on it folks – being bilingual is SEXY!