The Swede has proposed to me at least three times.

Now, when I say PROPOSED, I mean “proposed.”

Basically, he texted me his proposal and followed it with a wink.

I find this absolutely hilarious and I can’t wait until he “proposes” again.

The thing about The Swede is this.

I like him SO VERY MUCH but given that I only see him twice a year (and lately not even that often), I don’t know him well enough to move in and settle down with him despite the fact that I like his family, his children, and I’m not against moving to Sweden.

There are obvious benefits to living in Sweden.

For one, there’s no grifter President Trump running Sweden.

Sweden has a Royal Family and we all know how much I love Royals.

On the other hand my Swedish is atrocious, I’ve never lived in snow, and it’s very far away from Burning Man.

Le sigh.

I have been advised by another Swede to take The Swede’s proposals more seriously than I am.

Perhaps they do things differently in Sweden but in the USA, if there’s not a ring then it’s not a proposal.

And last I checked, proposals followed by winks NEGATE the proposal.

It’s fun to think about though.

Which is why I’m amused each time he suggests we get married.

And The Swede has not one, not two, but THREE wonderful kids I could absorb into my family.

Get them all US citizenship.

Get dual Swedish / US citizenship for myself.

Learn to speak Swedish properly.

See, I’ve thought this out a little.


Guilty Pleasures

I have A LOT of guilty pleasures.

Music by ABBA.

The smell of neoprene.

Shiny black vinyl lingerie.

I’m not a NKOTB fan, nor am I a Justin Bieber Fan.

Although, I did see the Biebs in concert with Barbara and I must say, that boy can sing AND dance.

One thing I’m almost loathe to admit is my fondness for the Royal family.

Yes, that’s right.

I’m not British but I have a “thing” for the Princes and Princesses of England.

It’s embarrassing, really.

But I simply LOVE to see what they are wearing.

I love to watch them get married, settle down, have babies.

Of course it was fun when Prince Harry was partying in Vegas wearing nothing but a hand towel. . .

That happened, right?

I’m sure I can’t find a picture of it anymore, with the Royal family purging their royal escapades.

Anyway, I was happy to surf on in to Princess Eugenie’s wedding to scope out her dress and the dresses of all her guests.

Some looked quite lovely, like Naomi Campbell.

Others, like Peaches Geldolf, not so much.

Anyway, all this is to say that even though I LOVE to watch the Royals, I also HATE my obsession with it and therefore I consider it a VERY DIRTY GUILTY PLEASURE.

I personally think it’s better to live you own life to the fullest every day rather than obsess about the lives of others.

But that’s just me.