Fucking Steve!

Steve told me to start out this blog post saying, “Fucking Steve!  He took me on his goddamn boat and got us stranded in the middle of the bay.”

There, I just gave away the punch line.

Yes indeed, I went to visit my ex-BF Steve at the Antioch Marina to take his boat out for a spin.

What kind of a boat it is, you ask?  It’s a white one with triangle sails.  I’m so savvy when it comes to boats.

Anyway, the engine wouldn’t start, the battery was drained, so Steve got a backup generator from his car and we proceeded to charge the battery.  Unknown to us at the time is that instead of charging the battery, we had left it in idle.  So he took me out to get some food and while the battery should have been charging, it was idling.  Oh, and we left the lights on in the boat …. can you say battery drain?

Meanwhile, we loaded up on heart attacks at Hazel’s in Antioch where they serve this HUGE burger.  Steve and I shared.

IMG_4652You can see the size of each HALF BURGER compared to Steve’s hand in this picture.

We got back to the Marina after dinner, discovered our snafu and fixed the problem.  We went for a walk and chatted about everything from our family and friends, to Steve’s (sometimes) crazy ex-girlfriends.  Me, not included.  I think I get a special category of crazy – the lovable kind 🙂

Finally the battery was charged and the boat left the dock.  Since neither Steve or I knew how to sail, we just motored around a bit as Steve got the hang of his boat.

About 45 minutes into our “sail” the engine came to a stop.  We had run out of gas.  We were drifting with the current.  We laughed but a little part of me was worried.  Do we call someone?  Flag someone down?

Here we are in a SAILBOAT and we don’t know how to SAIL!!  How embarrassing.

At this point, Steve remembered the generator we had brought on board to jumpstart the engine.  THAT GENERATOR RAN OFF OF GAS.  We could use the gasoline from the generator to power the boat’s engine.  He used a sump pump to transfer the gasoline.  Brilliant!

Before we knew it, we were on our way again.  Motoring back to the marina.

To Steve’s credit, this boat is new to him and he didn’t realize that the gas gauge (which was showing full) was faulty.  For a moment there, I did wonder if he was pulling the old “broke down car” maneuver to get me alone.  Such was not the case…. but that’s a story I will leave for another blog post titled “I just can’t get any.”

So in the end, we had a lot of fun taking the boat out and about in the water.  It’s probably the first time that boat has gone out in years.  And it was fun to hang with Steve and hear his incredible life stories.

Running out of gas (when we had sails) made it a bit of an adventure, but nothing this sailor gal can’t deal with.

Mostly, this trip just convinced me that I really do need to refresh my sailing skills and learn how to actually use the sails on a sailboat.

Could’ve come in handy today!

What’s on tap…

I’ve been thinking about my next set of activities to take on.

Besides needing to scour Groupon for specials, I’ve come up with the following list:

  • Eat at Manresa
  • See Niagara Falls and get wet
  • See Bruce Springsteen
  • Go to a U2 concert
  • Take a tour of Alcatraz
  • Take a tour of the Winchester Mystery House (I’ve never been)
  • Fly a single engine Cessna again
  • Go to the Korean Spa, again
  • Great White Shark dive
  • Eat at a Burmese restaurant
  • Go to Supper Club in SF
  • See a transvestite show
  • Go to  strip club
  • Drive down Highway 1
  • Drive up Highway 1
  • Go to a book reading
  • Go to an art museum
  • Learn to surf
  • Fly in an acrobatic plane doing stunts
  • Camp in Yosemite
  • Go wine tasting in Napa/Paso Robles
  • Go to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz
  • Enjoy an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista
  • Take sailing lessons
  • Learn to brew beer at Workshop SF
  • Get a new tattoo

And that’s a pretty good start for me.  I think I’ll start with driving up and down Highway 1.  I love to stop along the way at any place that suits my fancy – like the Olema Farm House in Olema or the Hog Island Oyster Company in Marshall, or Nepenthe in Big Sur.  So much to see and experience.  Time to get cracking!


Sailing the Bay with Jeep

I took Jeep sailing last weekend.  To be more accurate, I took him to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a BBQ graduation party for my cousin David and THEN I took him sailing.

Yes, Jeep has met the family.  I guess I’m comfortable with his long term possibilities.

So after we hung out at my aunt and uncle’s debating car repairs, we drove off and headed into the City.  San Francisco, that is.

My PTSD kicked in while I was driving with Jeep and I told him I hated his driving.  I was white knuckling it all the way.

He took it all in stride (being in the military made him familiar with PTSD so he was sympathetic).  He tried to drive better.  Tried.

We got to the dock with minutes to spare and hopped on the sailboat.  A sunny warm day in SF turned into a freezing, cold, wet day.

Jeep and I froze our tails off:


Surprisingly, we didn’t make out.  Although we did huddle together for warmth and held hands.

We got sprayed a few times by the ocean waves, so we were wet by the time we got back to shore.

Effing cold.

We practically ran to Jeep’s car to get to the heater and warm up.

Then we decided to go back to my aunt and uncle’s home for some tasty grub.

My cousin Jennifer, her husband, and their daughter were there along with my cousins Nick, Matt, and Matt’s boyfriend Gibby.

While we stuffed our faces we were entertained with my cousin Jennifer and my Aunt Stacey at their finest.

They explained the “Stop and Laugh” to me.

It’s when you’re laughing so hard you have to stop. And get your shit together.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and a great night.  The sail, while cold, was beautiful and refreshing and the company was simply the best.



Okay, so it’s Char-lie, but since he doesn’t pronounce the “r” I like to call him Chawlly. You can blindfold him, drive him around for hours, drop him off in the Australian Outback with 2 liters of water and he will find his way back to civilization. I would eat bugs with him.

He has kayaked with crocodiles. He has sailed a 75 foot sailboat from Australia to Indonesia. He speaks 5 languages. And he has walked through downtown Bern, Switzerland with naught but a speedo on. He likes to dance (boogie, as he calls it) and like me, he always goes into the bounce house to jump around with his kids at parties, regardless of what the other adults think. He likes the way my hair smells, and if I kiss him like I mean it, he tells me he doesn’t want me to leave and wraps his arms around me.


If he wants to make me laugh, all he has to do is say the word “harbor.”

“Chawlly, say harbor,” I ask him.

“Haw-buh,” he replies.

He he.

Missing my adrenaline junkie days

It used to be that every weekend I was up to some adventure – caving in the California caverns crawling through the muck in middle earth:


Flying a single engine Cesna over Napa:


Hiking up mountains and swimming in lakes of questionable origins


And white water river rafting and skinny dipping:


Current cursumstances have put a (temporary) halt to some of my activities. So I am pleased to announce that I’ve managed to procure myself a place on an 82 foot classic schooner that will sail out of San Francisco Bay to the Farallon Islands (indeed, the same Farallon Islands where I intend to go Great White Shark diving)…

Look, can you hear the siren song of the seas calling you?


How about now?


Maybe now?


Maybe NOW?


Well, I’m certainly ready to hop on board THAT! However, what I’m really looking for is THIS:


… because if I’m not going to be with someone who gets my heart racing uncontrollably THIS is the next best thing!

For Jennifer I even came across this:


Nude sailing… although I must admit, the thought of spending a week sailing through the Greek Isles wearing naught but a smile does sound tempting….