Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream

It’s that time a year AGAIN!

Not only is it my FAVORITE holiday (Christmas), it’s also time for all the Santa Cons to commence.

So get your red Santa suits ready to party because it’s the season for a festive bar crawl!

I personally love going to Santa Cons.

Not just because I love dressing up.

Or because I get to meet cool new people.

No, I like Santa Con because it’s fun to see all the looks on people’s faces when we show up en masse with all our holiday costumes on!

Little kids love seeing us as we dash from bar to bar.

The awe struck looks on their faces says it all.

And because I do it every year, Santa Cons have just become a hallmark of the holiday season for me.

Like breathing in and breathing out.

This year, I’m supposed to go to two Santa Cons – Santa Cruz and San Jose.

Last year I was a reindeer.

The year before that I was The Grinch.

And the year before that I was Mrs. Claus.

Heaven knows what I’ll pull together this year.

But given my collection of costumes, I’VE DEFINITELY GOT OPTIONS.

So if you feel like going merrily along your way, look up Santa Cons in your neighborhood and join in one.

I guarantee you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time!

Homage to nudity

It’s a ONESIE WEEKEND for me.

First of all, Friday is a pub crawl/art exploration in downtown San Jose.

The theme is Smokey the Bear because it’s, you know, April 20th.

As in 4/20?

You get it.

So I’m wearing my bear onesie (which I ironically wore to the Onesie party LAST Friday).

Isn’t it the cutest?

We meet up at Ursa Mater – the 2017 Burning Man sculpture made out of cement and pennies.

Then Saturday is a housewarming/birthday party, also in San Jose.

It’s my “clothing optional” party.

The theme is MAGICAL CREATURES, which I LOVE!

Nothing like dressing up as a mythical creature to spice up the evening.

I fully intend to wear my unicorn onesie to the party.

Despite being very warm, they are quite comfortable and fun to socialize in.

I’m not going to get naked at the party (except in the hot tub) but I intend to pay homage to nudity everywhere by GOING NAKED UNDER ALL MY CLOTHES.

There you go.

Friends in low places

IMG_8326So I did something rather amazing and bought two tickets for my son and my ex husband to go see Garth Brooks play at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA.

It’s all part of my new resolution to treat my ex husband like a friend instead of an enemy.

Well, I come to find out that my ex has ALREADY bought tickets for him and his girlfriend to see Garth the night before.

So I gave the two tickets to my son and told him I would chauffeur him and whatever friend he wanted to take.

Well, he decided to take ME!

That’s right, my 16 year old, I’m-too-cool-for-everything-especially-my-mom, teenage son decided to take me.

About three or four songs into the performance, my son turned to me and said, “Thanks for the tickets, mom. This is a great concert.”

“Is this your first concert?” I asked

The answer was yes.

IMG_8339So I got to take my 16 year old son to his first concert ever and hang out with him for the better part of four hours, just the two of us.

And it was AMAZING.

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until it falls right into your lap.

So thank you Garth, for giving me the excuse/opportunity to hang out with my amazing teenage son and reconnect.

Thanks to my ex husband who passed on the tickets.

And thanks to my son, for being the incredible young man who he is and for choosing to go with me to the concert.

I love you bug!


I’ve got friends in low places…

garthGuess who is going to see Garth Brooks.

Go on… guess!

It’s me, that’s who!

My friend was getting rid of his tickets and offered them to me at face value.


I thought this would be the PERFECT gift for my ex husband (who is a HUGE country music fan) and my oldest son to go see a country legend perform close to home in San Jose.

So I gifted my ex with the tickets.

Problem is, he’s going to see Garth the night before.

So my oldest son said he’d take me.


Happy mommy!

So if you can believe it, I’m going to see Garth Brooks on November 14th with my oldest son on a weekend when my ex has the boys.

Aren’t I lucky!

I swear things are looking up for me now that I’m putting in the work to improve my life.

Yee haw!

When being single sucks

For the most part, I like being single.

I can do what I want, when I want and there’s no one to tell me otherwise. Every man I meet is an opportunity for a connection. And there’s no one to fight over the covers with at night.

Okay, I actually LIKE fighting over the covers.

But this weekend, my BFF and her BF along with another friend and her BF are going to the Jazz Festival in San Jose.

And they’ve invited me to go with them.

And I want to go, really I do.

But I know that at some point in the day, the two couples will pair off and stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, hold hands, kiss, and cuddle.

And I will be standing there like a fish out of water. Like a 5th wheel when there’s only need for 4.

And I will have a moment of sadness when that happens.

And I want to avoid that moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I still might go.

Hell, I probably will go.

I dislike letting negative emotions control my behavior.

But just so you know, I do get sad from time to time.

And it’s not always easy being the odd man out.


UPDATE:  I just bought my ticket.  So much for wallowing in self-pity 🙂