The Pillow Challenge

Have you heard of the Pillow Challenge?

This social media challenge involves taking one (or more) pillows and fashioning them into a mini dress via a belt around the middle.

Yes, your back is totally exposed, but from the front it looks like the kind of waist-cinching, thigh-skimming confection you might expect to see on a runway.

After seeing a bunch of plus-size models take on the challenge, I decided to do the same.

So I grabbed my pillow, took a belt, and with much struggle and sweat managed to cinch it around my waist.

Then I discovered it was IMPOSSIBLE to take a decent selfie while wearing nothing but a pillow and I was too embarrassed to ask for help.

My kids, I suspect, already think their mom is nuts.

I don’t need to add more fuel to the fire.

So I laid down in bed and snapped ONE picture of me in my pillow dress.

The picture came out BARELY PG13-rated so instead of posting it, I’m just going to link to it here.

It’s not really NSFW, but proceed with caution.


I have a thing about selfies.

It’s not as bad as some people.

I have a friend who constantly posts selfies to Facebook.

I once counted the number of selfies in her vacation photos and there were 19 selfies out of 26 photos.

That’s A LOT of selfies.

She must be in love with her own face, is all I can think.

But me?

I have a very specific selfie obsession.

I like taking selfies after sex.


I have a collection of post-coital selfies that I simply adore.

Flushed faces.

Tousled hair.

Unguarded smiles.

It’s not what you think.

I don’t take R-rated or X-rated photos with my partner.

I simply capture our faces, our expressions, for one fleeting second in time.

And it’s really lovely to look back on all these memories and recall all the good times.

And the times were VERY GOOD!