Sex Magic

So there’s a group called Sex Magic and I’m intrigued by them. According to their website they are about meditation, intimacy, self-exploration, sexuality, dating and relationships and ritual. That’s quite a load of topics to keep you busy.

They’ve hosted several meetings so far – including one on dating as a spiritual practice, one on conscious sensuality and a wildly popular one on female ejaculation and prostate massage.

Let me repeat that.

One on female ejaculation and prostate massage.

Now these are not two of my favorite topics, but I’m INSANELY curious about them. So curious, I would have attended the meeting, had I only known about it.

You might think this sounds a little hokey. And you may be right. But these meeting quite frequently have licensed psychotherapists and relationship coaches as part of the presentation and discussion.  The entire group is organized by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Their next meeting is in February.

It’s called “Sex, Magic and Erotic Influence” and I’m going. Quite honestly, they had me at “sex”.

The seminar seeks to answer the questions:

What kind of erotic presence do you hold? 
What is the range and depth of you sexual embodiment?
What can you call forth from your lover?
What are your edges and how do they hold you back from expressing and enjoying your full erotic potential? 

Well, the last question is the kicker for me. Because if you were to ask me if I’m enjoying my full erotic potential, the answer would be “NOT AT ALL.”

Despite all the experiments I test out. Despite the OMing. And despite the blogging.

I can’t shake the feeling like there somehow should be more.

Like say a boyfriend?

Yeah, that might do it… getting a boyfriend.

Can Sex Magic help me with that?

I am a caveman

michelleMy friend Barbara and I were soaking in the hot tub at the Korean Spa, just relaxing and discussing my latest breakup. The subject turned to my newest date, Tony, who I’m now nicknaming The Hunk.

Beyond being very handsome, tall, and muscular, The Hunk is also very polite and thoughtful. He’s lovely on so many levels but as I explained to Barbara, “I don’t think he likes me very much.”

Barbara looked me straight in the eye and without hesitation delivered one of the wisest comments I’d heard in months.

“He likes you, Michelle. Maybe he’s just respectful.”

Jaw drop.

In the past decade of dating, I’ve had men send me unsolicited cock shots, ask if they could take nude photos of me, ask to see my tits, and show me their ball gag… all on or before the first date.


Have I become too accustomed to bad behavior that it is now my norm when judging my dates?

Did I automatically assume that The Hunk doesn’t like me because he didn’t do any of these things? Because he wasn’t trying to jump into my pants?

And what does it say about me that sexual attraction is the first thing I look for in a potential partner?

Well…. quite honestly, it says I have excellent taste when it comes to picking sexual partners but maybe not the best judgment when it comes to finding someone special.

I’m not even sure I’d recognize an interested man who didn’t beat me over the head with his attraction while I simultaneously beat him over the head with my sexuality.

It’s The Caveman Approach to Dating.

I am a caveman.