Isolation Treatment

Post-Christmas, I spent a little money at Shein buying some clothes and I just have to share because I find an unusual trend starting to develop.

I’m all about comfort lately.

Comfortable pajamas, comfortable clothes, even comfortable shoes.

It’s a shame really.

I can’t remember the last time I wore high heels and dressed to impress.

[It was when I dressed up as Miss Piggy and tried to wow Big Joe.]

Well, I’m not going after sequin dresses and high heels anymore.


I’m going after velour, velvet and cotton.

Comfortable, breathable clothes that I can wear inside the house, or out, without worrying I might look too casual.

First, I got some undergarments:

Then I bought some warm, cuddly clothes:

But in the end, it’s these three pieces I could not ignore:

You know I love them because I’m a smart ass and because they convey a certain attitude of disregard for the rules of fashion.

Sure, I could get dressed up NYE and host a zoom soiree, and I MIGHT JUST DO THAT.

But ultimately, what I really want to do is to host a snuggle fest, with everyone in onesies or some soft, gentle clothing.

In my mind, a very handsome, bearded man would fixate on me and snuggle me in ways I’ve only been dreaming of these last nine months of isolation.

It’s my treatment for isolation.

Pretty Fat Chick

I am not your standard plus size blogger.

I don’t have trolls who insult me.

And I’m not ALL ABOUT being plus size in a world that favors mainstream sizing.

I mean don’t get me wrong. . . I have entire blog posts on my plus size hauls from Shein, New York and Company, and Pretty Little Thing.

And I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Plus Size Burning Man.

But it’s not all I write about.

I may not be the posterchild for plus size ladies, there are curvy models far prettier than I who can do a much better job of that.

Ashley Graham, for instance.

I once saw an interview she gave about getting started in modeling where she was told over and over again, “You’re pretty for a fat chick.”

No one’s ever come up to me and said that.

For the most part, I hear nothing but support as I work on increasing my activity and decreasing my caloric intake.

But it’s fair to say that I could, in time, hear someone tell me that.

So I’ve decided to own it.

All of it.

Fat chick?

Yes, that’s PRETTY fat chick to you!

Mini Dress Haul

I’ve been watching YouTube influencers and they’ve inspired me to buy a selection of dresses I normally wouldn’t buy because I really want to look sexy and cute in some adorable dresses so I can get my flirt on.

Yes, the season is starting to change from summer to fall, but throw on a pair of boots or booties and call it a day.

It works for me.

Here are the dresses I bought:

I think they’re all beautiful in their own way but I’m especially pleased with the keyhole leopard print dress (add a belt) and the red rose print wrap around dress, which would pair nicely with a set of thigh high boots and a wool jacket for winter.

The red dress I love because red is one of my favorite colors.

And I love the print on the purple floral print dress.

All in all, I’d say I’ve got several new flirtatious dresses to wear when I go out and want to feel pretty and poised.

If only I could find room in my closet to hang them up. . .

Mini dress hauls are fun but challenging when it comes to storage.



Keyhole leopard print midi dress ($15) – LINK
Red rose print mini dress ($19) – LINK
Red wrap-around mini dress ($16) – LINK
Purple floral print mini dress ($16) – LINK