Isolation Treatment

Post-Christmas, I spent a little money at Shein buying some clothes and I just have to share because I find an unusual trend starting to develop.

I’m all about comfort lately.

Comfortable pajamas, comfortable clothes, even comfortable shoes.

It’s a shame really.

I can’t remember the last time I wore high heels and dressed to impress.

[It was when I dressed up as Miss Piggy and tried to wow Big Joe.]

Well, I’m not going after sequin dresses and high heels anymore.


I’m going after velour, velvet and cotton.

Comfortable, breathable clothes that I can wear inside the house, or out, without worrying I might look too casual.

First, I got some undergarments:

Then I bought some warm, cuddly clothes:

But in the end, it’s these three pieces I could not ignore:

You know I love them because I’m a smart ass and because they convey a certain attitude of disregard for the rules of fashion.

Sure, I could get dressed up NYE and host a zoom soiree, and I MIGHT JUST DO THAT.

But ultimately, what I really want to do is to host a snuggle fest, with everyone in onesies or some soft, gentle clothing.

In my mind, a very handsome, bearded man would fixate on me and snuggle me in ways I’ve only been dreaming of these last nine months of isolation.

It’s my treatment for isolation.

Starry Night

I’m totally enthralled with nails by vivxue on TikTok.

She designs really cool nails with acrylic paint.

It can’t be easy to paint on a curved surface, but she does so and it’s incredible!

I fell in love with her Starry Night by van Gogh nails:

They are truly a masterpiece, even though the length is prohibitively long for me personally.

I so desperately want to order a pair from her, but at $199+ a set, it’s a little too dear for my blood.

Still, I think they’re worth every penny spent, especially when you consider that you can wear them over and over again.

I’m tempted to order some blinged out pink nails for my Miss Piggy costume however since my costume includes pink gloves, I assume long nails are out of the question.

Still, I’m going to follow vivxue on TikTok and keep her in mind for future costumes.

And of course, I’ll get a kick out of the new designs she posts regularly to her stream.

I did not buy Starry Night nails for myself, but I did indulge in a sheer Starry Night top from Shein:

As you can see, I’m working on a costume idea for a Masterpiece costume which includes Starry Night.

More to come.