Ta da!

I just happened upon this photo on Instagram and I was TRANSPORTED to a place I’d much rather be:

In a hot tub in the snow in the mountains with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne nearby and my gorgeous rear end hanging out of the water.

Ta da!

The Louis Vuitton monogrammed towel is totally optional, btw.

Nice touch!

I just thought you’d like to know that THIS is my happy place and that’s where I go when I’m stressed or feeling out of sorts.

Arctic plunge


So we’ve established I was hot during my ENTIRE trip to Sweden.

Yes, indeed.

With a suitcase full of warm sweaters and tights, what was I to do?

Well, I went with The Swede to visit his friends in Jättendal for New Year’s Eve.

Snow everywhere!

And. . . The Swede’s friends have a hot tub.

First I was served the most SCRUMPTIOUS meal – mashed potatoes, steak, and pickled asparagus wrapped in bacon.

Then I jumped into the hot tub (with a bathing suit on, natch).

Before too long, even the snow banks and cool air couldn’t keep me at a comfortable temperature.

So I jumped out and sat in the snow in my bathing suit.

And I will have you know, neither one of the Swedish born-and-bred men who were in the hot tub with me got out to jump in the snow.

Just saying. . .

This California girl likes her ARCTIC PLUNGES!

Sweden Sweaty

The first thing you need to know about Sweden is that I WAS HOT!

I was MORE THAN HOT, I was perpetually sweating.

Sweden has convinced me that I’m going into menopause and there’s only one thing I have to say about that:


I felt like I was going to burst into flames each and every day I was there.

Remember how worried I was about being cold?

Feel free to laugh out loud right now.

Three pairs of long johns?

Never wore them.

Silk shorts and top?

Didn’t even pull them out of the suitcase.

Most of the time I never wore my jacket.

All I had to wear were sweaters and sweater dresses.  So I wandered around Stockholm in a toasty warm sweater enjoying the cold only to walk into a store and GET BLASTED BY 100F HEAT!

Sweat was persistently running down my back.

I was so hot in Sweden that I jumped out of a nice hot tub and sat down in the snow.

Just to cool off a little bit.

How a girl from California can travel over 5,000 miles to Sweden and find herself persistently in the middle of a thermoregulatory crisis, I WILL NEVER KNOW.

But it happened.

Walking in a winter wonderland

You will not BELIEVE what I’ve done.



You heard right!

I’m going to Sweden to visit The Swede.

Well, to visit ALL THE SWEDES, I guess!

I’m so excited I could just spit.

My trip isn’t months away.

Oh no!

I’m going to Sweden December 28th!

Basically I’m on vacation for two weeks over the holidays so I figured why not visit The Swede who is ALSO ON VACATION?


It’s occurred to me that Sweden in December MIGHT be less than ideal.

Especially for a born and bred California girl.

It will be a shock to my system, I am sure.

Not just the cold but the lack of sunlight.

I hear that the sun rises at 9 am and sets at 3 pm in Stockholm in the winter.


It will just make me appreciate my lovely sunny California ALL THE MORE.

But you know, Stockholm could be awfully pretty in the winter – a snowy wonderland of sorts.

And (BEST OF ALL) this means I will be spending NEW YEAR’S EVE with The Swede.

Flip me over, butter my butt and call me sweetheart – I AM TOTALLY EXCITED!

Memorial Day Synopsis

For Memorial Day weekend, my boys and I took a trip to Reno to visit my sister.

We endured a late night bumpy flight into Reno-Tahoe Airport. I slept through the flight. Or I tried to. Munchkins kept taking my photo.

Back on the ground my sons posed for a rare picture of brotherly love.

We had a great time at Auntie Lisa’s and the boys posed for a picture with her.

Then Duncan went and jumped off my sister’s second story balcony and you can see the results here.

The good news is that we went in the hot tub. The bad news is that I didn’t get naked. But I did take some pics for the blog



Sorry, but that’s about as exotic as it got this weekend.

A few funny things happened this weekend…. I mistook a tree stump for a dead cow. Now my boys point at tree stumps and say, “Look Mom…. a dead cow.” Ha ha ha.

Also, there were some spots of snow on the mountain and I, like an idiot thinking all the snow had melted, asked, “Is that cement?” You can only imagine the teasing I got over that one. Something tells me I’ll never live this down, I’m afraid.

Despite my blond moments, which are probably more indicative of me needing glasses than anything else, it was a fun vacation. All except for when my sister discovered gray (well, white) hair on my head.

Gasp! I am officially middle aged!