Many snores

I just took a trip to Reno to visit my sister.

We got facials and used the facilities at the Spa Toscano at The Peppermill.

It was ah-mazing!

I actually fell asleep during my facial and woke myself up when I snored.

Yup, I snored in the middle of my facial.


I was obviously SO RELAXED!

In the women’s locker room, there were several spa features:

  1. A hot tub
  2. A cold plunge
  3. A steam room
  4. A sauna

Personally, I stripped naked and jumped in the hot tub.

I was surprised to see all the other women in swimsuits.

Even a bridal party of seven skinny women did not have the balls to strip naked in the ladies locker room.

Given the opportunity to get naked, I ALWAYS get naked.

In fact, hanging out at the spa made me miss Lupin Lodge in the Santa Cruz mountains, where you can walk around naked as they day you were born in the beautiful sunshine.

My sister and I eventually put on swimsuits and went to the Caldarium (an indoor area with a soaking pool and hot tubs where you can eat and drink).

She soaked in the pool while I hung out in the hot tub.

Afterwards, we got to eat at the Bimini Steakhouse at The Peppermill and I KID YOU NOT, we both ordered the filet mignon and the Australian lobster tail and when our food arrived, there were TWO LOBSTER TAILS FOR EACH OF US.

Too much food to eat, so we basically forced ourselves to eat the lobster tails and took most of our filet mignon home.

A dessert of cherries jubilee, and we were finished with our day of pampering.

Reno might not be the city you think of when you think of a weekend of pampering and relaxation, but I’m here to tell you it is.

I wish you all many snores!

Vanity, vanity. . .

For most of my life, I’ve been blessed with good skin.

I owe it mostly to the fact that I took a job at a spa years ago and the owner really emphasized the importance of wearing sunscreen and I listened to her.

Of course, growing up in California, I’ve had a lot of exposure to the sun.

When I turned 30 I got the sun damage removed with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

The results were outstanding.

Well it’s now 10 years later and I’m dealing with something more tenacious than sun damage.

I’m dealing with MELASMA, a hormone based skin discoloration that is primarily on my forehead.

So I’m getting laser treatments to remove it.

The treatments feel like someone setting off little electrical charges about a centimeter from your face.

It doesn’t hurt but GOD, is it annoying!

I want to swat the technician’s hand away when she ‘s zapping me.

Instead I clutch my hands together and try to imagine I’m on a tropical beach somewhere lying in the sun listening to the waves.

When the treatment is over, my skin feels slightly sunburned but there’s no redness or lingering irritation.

I’m waiting to see what my skin looks like after 3 treatments.

I’ve been told it can take up to 10 treatments to get the best effect.

That’s $1,500 worth of skin treatments, by the way.

We shall see how this goes.

One thing is for sure, I don’t want to start wearing foundation.

It would be great to get my melasma taken care of because I am so self-conscious about it.

And my vanity is just not letting me give up without a fight!

Perverted and inappropriate

I am once again taking off and going to RENO for a weekend.

No, it has nothing to do with Burning Man.

I’m going to visit my sister.

And she’s taking me to the Spa at the Peppermill for massages!


However, she requested MALE massage therapists for us.

She says they give better deep tissue massages than a woman therapist.

This gives me pause.

First of all, I’m not too fond of DEEP TISSUE massages.

They tend to make me cry and BEG for mercy.

Second, I’m not too thrilled to have a man working on me.

It’s not that I object to a man massaging me.

It’s just that I do watch a lot of massage parlor porn.

Throwing a man into the mixture makes me tense up and think about sex.

A lot.

Because I’m perverted and inappropriate like that.

Can’t I just have a female therapist and enjoy a nice Swedish massage. . .

. . .then go to Sweden and give a nice sexy massage to The Swede.

I wouldn’t mind if he massaged me.

On the inside 😉

Where’d the beaver go?

In the 60s, a full bush was part of lore, literature, and media.  Now, you’re lucky to find a Dorito chip or a landing strip where a full bush used to be.  I’ll never forget working in a spa in the mid 2000s.  In the beginning, the Brazilian wax was put on the menu and it was a rare woman who strolled through the doors asking for it.  By the time I left the spa, two years later, the Brazilian wax was a daily routine in the spa.

So why the change?  Why did women starting removing their muff?

One reason could be adherence to new fashion styles.  With lingerie and swimsuit fashion becoming smaller and narrower, we didn’t have much of a choice but to go bare.


Another possible reason is that women started to emulate the fashion magazine models. Perhaps it’s not the fashion magazines style that we’re trying to keep up with but the porn industry, which shapes the sexual imagination of men.  A bare snatch is a defined standard for erotic availability.  It’s is a fantasy.

My friend Steve says he  likes it “shaved or a landing strip.”  My friend Dave wrote, ““When I go down, I don’t want hair.”  He continues, “It’s a huge turn-on when I find out that she’s bare down there. I know tons of guys who think it’s sexy — it shows me that she’s into my pleasure as much as her own.”  Tony simply likes it “trim.”  And Lance says he likes “a woman who likes (her)self…. the pelt is no big deal.”

My girlfriend Jenny says, “In between is my personal fave…just cleaned up, groomed. Doesn’t need to be a landing strip but doesn’t need to be a “sascrotch” as my husband calls me!” Sascrotch is a good term for it.


 Do women who go bare feel like they’re giving in to a trend?  Maybe.  But they probably have a lot of fun anyway.

So how about the reverse….. do we anticipate seeing men “taking it all off” and going bare.  I think it’s unlikely.  I don’t see too many men lasting through the pain of a Brazilian wax.  What I do see is men trimming their hair to get that “extra optical inch.”  And it works 🙂

Below is a hilarious video from the UK showing the faces of women as they get waxed. Makes me cringe a little, though….