This ain’t no BDSM convention

So I’ve come up with what I think is a GREAT idea to dress up the “Spanking Dome” at unSCruz.

The dome is no more than a red 10 foot by 10 foot EZ Up canopy with three walls.

The walls will block off the consentual adult activities from the street so they can’t be seen.

Basically, spankings.

So how do you decorate an EZ Up so that it’s, well, APPROPRIATELY festive enough for spankings?

I happen to have two 10 foot curtains of lights which I think will make a fabulous backdrop for the spankings.

Not only are they moody, they also will provide much needed light to the dome.

So our spankers can see who they’re spanking, so to speak.

But curtains of Christmas lights don’t exactly scream “Spank Me” so I bought off Amazon four panels of sheer black curtains (to the tune of $3.95 a pair) to hang OVER the curtains of light to add a little mysterious ambiance to the dome.

Throw a black tablecloth over a card table to hold spanking implements, and call it a day.

I mean ideally, I’d have candles and a decadent chandelier hanging from the center of the dome, but I’m making do with what I’ve got – a candelabra and some red candles.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

I mean, it’s no dungeon, but this ain’t no BDSM convention.

Spankings and Sharpies

At Burning Man, there are camps you can join to be part of a larger group having fun on the playa.  Often these camps center their activities around a theme – hence the coined term “theme camp.”

At first, I was camping with The Lost Penguins.

That was until I met Tejas.

Tejas, who patiently schooled me on all things Burning Man, then asked me out.

One thing lead to another and before I knew it, he was asking me to join his camp.

And I’ve agreed.

It seems like the right thing to do to stay with Tejas for the duration of my time on the playa. Or at least spend some time with him.

So now it looks like I’ll be camping with Otis Spankmore.

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is – cookies and spankings.

Now I’m not big into spankings, courtesy of an ex boyfriend who liked to leave me with scabs. But I am big on cookies.

And sharpie pens.

You know me and my sharpie pen obsession.

It makes me want to suggest that instead of a spanking, I get drawn on with sharpies.

Wouldn’t that be fun?!