Scary Spice

My personal recommendation is that you go as “an artist INSPIRED by Scary Spice” and not try to imitate the real person Mel B.

Although I discovered Spice Girl music too late to actually be part of the movement, I definitely appreciate their fashion sense, and Scary Spice has a warm place in my heart particularly.

Here’s my “Artist inspired by Scary Spice” costume based on her iconic look for the 1997 Brit Award performance:

  1. Pretend microphone – $11.90
  2. Curly wig – $18.85
  3. Leopard catsuit – $39.99 – $64.99 (remove the sleeves at the seams)
  4. Triangle bikini top – $29.46 – $55.00
  5. Leopard boots – $25.99

Don’t forget to remove the sleeves from the Leopard print catsuit and stitch a seam around the armholes to be as authentic as can be.




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