stargazer, michelleI went bowling with Stargazer on Wednesday night.

In case you haven’t gone bowling in a while, A LOT has changed.

To begin with, scoring the game is electronic, so you no longer need those stubby pencils and game cards to keep track of your score.

You can also automatically raise and lower the bumpers to improve your game, if need be.

And you can order food to be delivered RIGHT TO YOUR LANE without ever leaving your lane.

Pretty cool, huh?

I sipped a margarita and chowed down on chicken wings and sliders while Stargazer had pretzels and a lemonade.

Naturally, I bowled with the bumpers down because LET’S FACE IT, I basically suck at bowling and can’t break 100.

SOMEHOW, and I’m just gonna attribute it to my lucky charm (Stargazer), I MANAGED TO get three strikes and one or two spares.

Not the best anyone has ever bowled, but for someone who doesn’t break 100, it’s pretty good.

Furthermore, I rarely needed to use the bumpers.

Most of the time I was able to stand at the end of the lane and roll the bowling ball straight down the lane.

We had a grand time.

I actually won one game (Stargazer won two out of three games against me), which is totally printable (okay, maybe only bloggable) news.

We then went to Penninsula Creamery and enjoyed some old-fashioned treats made for us by certified soda jerks.

Vanilla cokes.

Chocolate shakes made from vanilla ice cream.

Watermelon sherbert which was so tasty that Stargazer swore he’d learn to make some in his ie cream maker at home.

He’s definitely got skills in the kitchen, I’ll give him that.

He’s got other skills too, but let’s not get into that.

Suffice to say a great time was had by all and I’m SO EXCITED that I’m gonna go cheesemongering with him this weekend.

Truly, a man after my own heart!

Say cheese

Stargazer and I are going on a Cheese Tour of Northern California this weekend.

Given how much cheese I consume, I can honestly say that this is ALREADY the BEST date I’ve ever been on, and it hasn’t even happened yet!

Apparently, we are not the first people to come up with this idea.

There’s an ACTUAL California Cheese Trail website that you can use to help you plan.

But are we planning anything (given that I MAKE MY LIVING as a planner)?


We’re going to fly by the seat of our pants, so to speak, and not plan a damn thing other than a drive up Highway One, stopping at whatever places strike our fancy.

Cowgirl Creamery.

Maybe a winery or two.

Fresh produce stands.

I honestly love sitting in the passenger seat of Stargazer’s car, just talking with him.

And it’s my nature to want to spend my weekend adventuring with someone sexy, funny, and a pleasure to be with.

And Stargazer fits the bill.


I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous about how much I like him.

It’s not every day a man figures me out so quickly and asks me on a cheese tour of Sonoma.

He’s got my number.

It’s serendipity!


I’m not gonna lie, I made a few phone calls while I was at Burning Man.

Mostly to Stargazer, but also to my family.

Stargazer and I have been dating since August 21st when he took me out to pizza at a nearby pizza place and ordered my favorite Golden Greek pizza.

It takes a brave soul to eat a pizza covered in feta cheese, sausage, onions AND BANANA PEPPERS.

He saved me when my son backed out of taking me to my rideshare in Concord.

He took me out for waffles and fried chicken and even helped me get tampons and dry ice when I was running errands (without a car) before we left for Burning Man.

Stargazer is AH-MAZING!

He also made me bacon jerky, which we gobbled up on the way to Burning Man, and a chess pie, which is like a pecan pie without the pecans.

I like Stargazer a lot.

He met me after the burn and helped me load my stuff in my truck.

He took me to the hot tubs to soak afterwards and was a perfect gentleman (perfect for me is handsy but not ballsy, don’t forget).

And because I mentioned that I was sad I couldn’t stop for Indian tacos at the reservation during the drive home (I was taking the Burner Express bus), he MADE ME FRY BREAD.

It was yummy with a spoon delicious!

He learned to make it when he was in the Boy Scouts camping with Native American kids, FYI.

I also missed out on the big pickles that the food stands sell along the freeway so STARGAZER MADE ME HOMEMADE DILL PICKLES.

Just because he’s such a wonderful man.

Truly, unbelievably kind and thoughtful.

At first, I was going to call Stargazer “The Baker” on account of his love of baking.

But then in a matter of days, his true playa name revealed itself to me and I realized that this tall man who has his head in the clouds, his hands in pastries, and his mind on the cosmos, was destined to be called Stargazer.

I believe wholeheartedly that he will be at Burning Man next year to enjoy the art, community, and ME!

Dry Burn

The first thing you need to know about Burning Man 2019 is that I GOT MY PERIOD the day I was leaving for the playa.

And all my toiletry supplies were packed into the back of a locked trailer, blocked in by bikes, air mattresses, and supplies.

Fortunately, Stargazer came to my rescue.

He took me out to run a few last-minute errands and picking up tampons was one of those errands.

My mortification was only surpassed by my gratefulness to him for helping me out in a pinch.

So, in case you’re wondering if I went hog wild on the playa and found myself lovers to play with, the answer is no.

I was kinda thinking about the stargazer that I left behind.

AND my body was having NONE OF IT!

No play for Burning Man 2019.

So sorry if you were looking forward to tales of cocks – be they hard or half-hard.

I took off for the playa with 12 condoms and I returned with 12 condoms.

Cry your tears now because I’m actually quite happy with how my burn turned out, even without lovers.

Not that I didn’t have the opportunity.

I just found myself more interested in seeing art and enjoying my little camp community than going out and getting my freak on with other people.

I know it’s too new for me to be able to say one way or another whether Stargazer and I will continue to date.

But I prefer to err on the side of caution.

So it was a dry burn for me, in more than one way.