Electro Threads

Have you ever stumbled across a site on the internet and just fallen INSTANTLY IN LOVE?!

I mean, BESIDES when you fell in love with UNBLUNDER, that is. . .


Well, that’s what happened to me when I came across Electro Threads.

And FYI, this is NOT an ad and I am NOT getting paid to write this.

Yes, I was looking for a wolf swimsuit on the internet.

Something big, bold, and colorful.

Like me.

So there I am, navigating my way through wolf onesies for BABIES when I clicked on a link for this:


But then, I had to check out their other swimsuits.

And their onesies.

And their leggings.

And before I knew it, I was adding 5 things to my shopping cart and clicking on “BUY.”




I’m working on a new Burning Man outfit, loosely inspired by THIS image:

I LOVE the large, colorful graphic sphinx swimsuit and literally SCOURED THE INTERNET looking for a similar lion swimsuit.

This was as close as I came, but sadly was years old and therefore sold out in all sizes.

I happened upon several swimsuits on Wish.com but we’ve already established how well Chinese clothes fit me (not at all).

So I was THRILLED when I finally stumbled across THIS lovely and colorful swimsuit on Poshmark in my size.

Throw on a pair of fishnet tights and my lovely black boots:

And you ALMOST have a completed look.

It needs something on top.

I’m thinking, given all the colors in the suit, that a flower crown will look nice and jungle appropriate out there on the playa:

And voilà!

One lion outfit done and ready to go to Burning Man.

P.S. Don’t forget, the WHOLE reason I am working with swimsuits is that I am trying to minimize my packing while maximizing clothing options.

If I can work up the courage to wear these outfits on the playa.

We shall see. . .

I’m starting to get it

It may take a little while, but eventually I figure stuff out.

Like my epiphany today where I realized that all my wardrobe planning was for naught BECAUSE I’LL PROBABLY SPEND ALL MY TIME IN JEAN SHORTS AND A BIKINI TOP.


Just realized that.

Could have saved myself hundreds of dollars if I’d only realized it sooner.

I have a royal blue bikini (below):


And a black fringed cut-out swimsuit (below):

Perhaps all I really need is my bikini, my swimsuit, a pair of shorts and a sarong.

God, could it BE that simple?

Think of the hours I wasted trying to find the perfect boho dress that appropriately communicates my adventurousness while simultaneously covering up my “problem areas.”

In the end, I’ll probably just relax and go with what’s easy and all the body paint, circlets, and dresses will go by the wayside and I will simply be me.

I will simply be me. In the desert. All covered in dust. That’s where it will happen.


Or more frustration, whichever comes first.

There’s no such thing as underwear in BRC

There’s no such thing as underwear in BRC.

At least, I’m assuming this, given the fact that pretty much every outfit I’ve seen that even remotely qualifies as clothing is tight, has a slit up the side, or is so short the world could be your gynecologist.

And it’s hot there in the Nevada desert. Who wants an extra layer of clothing?

I, for one, want to wear a pair. Just to keep the moisture where it belongs, you know.

My prediction, for myself, is that I will start out the week in my lovely Green Faerie costume, but that as the week goes by I will become more and more casual [read: more and more undressed].

It takes me a while to get accustomed to new surroundings. I’m guessing my modesty will last halfway into day 2 or whenever I get so frigging hot that clothes become a nuisance. Whichever come first.

And so, in order to accommodate my increasing nakedness and decreasing modesty, I am bringing a bathing suit with me. Just ‘cuz I might need to walk around in it.

And also, some funny hot pants, because I still have a great ass that deserves to be shown off in some smart assy way.

There may be no such thing as underwear in BRC but I’m not prepared to go Full Monty on the playa.