I once went out with a man who was seven feet tall.

He used to get asked all the time “Do you play baseketball?” to which he’d reply “Why?  Do you play miniature golf?”

Ha ha ha!

I clearly remember standing on a bench kissing him and STILL being shorter than him.

And I’m not a petite woman by any stretch of the imagination.

So when I found out my latest date was 6’7” my first thought was “Okay, no big deal.”

It’s not like he’s seven feet tall.

However, having spent the afternoon with him I can now report back and say that yes, even 6’7” is tall.

I opted to wear heels because I figured I could get away with it.

Big Joe walked toward me to hug me and I was standing on a curb, in my heels.

I hugged him and was dwarfed by him even so.

Obviously I find his height very appealing.

I’m not gonna lie.

Look up “lumberjack” in the dictionary and it’ll have a picture of him with the caption “Big Joe.”

Which brings me to the other joke that my seven foot boyfriend used to say.

People would stare and say, “So is it true what they say about the size of a man’s shoes and his ___.”

To which he’d respond, “God no!  I’d be ten feet tall!”


Clever boy!

Skyscraper Men

tall menHis username (not kidding) was 6ft7Tall.

Let’s get right to the point now, shall we?

Are we fishing for women who are aficionados of skyscraper men?

I suppose I fall into that category.

I once had a boyfriend who was 6’ 10” tall and I basically loved watching people react to him.

There’s just something about a sky high tall man that gets the blood pumping.

Someone once asked me how me and Mr. 6’10” tall fared in bed. They didn’t believe that it was possible for things to “match up” properly with a 5’8” woman and a 6’10” man.

There were never any problems.

No doubt standing up would’ve posed a problem, unless he was after my belly button.

But overall, no. No problems.

Which brings me to 6ft7Tall.

I was tempted to reply to his email, sure I was. But I didn’t.


Because ultimately, his profile didn’t match with mine. Because even though I like height, it certainly isn’t the most important feature I’m looking for. It’s not even in the top 5.

And even though I love wearing sky high heels AND STILL BEING DWARFED BY MY DATE, it just isn’t enough for me to overlook incompatibility.


I’m sure he would have made a great story!


P.S. The other question Mr. 6’10” tall got asked was, “Is it true what they say about height and the size of a man’s penis?” to which he always responded, “God no!  I’d be 10 feet tall!”