Lately I’ve been obsessed with synthetic hair.

I bought two clip in bangs – one red and one blue – for my Tank Girl costume.

I put them on under the trapper hat and tuck my hair into the cap and voilà!

I have Tank Girl’s colored hair without dying my own.

The clip in bangs remind me of some Swarovski crystal clip in extensions which I bought to wear at a Labyrinth-themed wedding at unSCruz.

So pretty!

So I scoped out custom synthetic clip in dreads on Etsy and lo and behold they have a selection of options for me.

Personally I love these Viking clip in extensions:

I also like these boho clip ins:

As much as I’d love to get them, it’s a little crazy for me to buy them thinking I’d wear them on the playa.

For one, the playa DESTROYS everything it comes in contact with.

For another, it’s hard enough to get a brush through my regular hair, let alone try to keep it neat and tidy with clip in extensions in while at Burning Man.

So I’m going to forego extensions for the time being but I’m really starting to feel the Viking vibe coming off this photo:

And I’m thinking it might be my inspiration photo for my next Burning Man outfit.

Le sigh!

Getting it right?

I’ve been getting a lot of advice on my Tank Girl costume.

Apparently, she is a well-loved character and it’s important I get her right.

Starting with the goggles.

I bought a pair of blue sunglasses to wear with the outfit.

But she wears WWII era aviator goggles.

So I broke down and bought a cheap pair off Wish which I can customize when it arrives.

Secondly, Tejas has informed me that I need to have bazooka boobs which shoot rounds at the enemy.

This I am ignoring.

I see Tank Girl in ripped t-shirts and bikini tops and that’s what I’m going with.

The last thing I need to do is make my chest even bigger, no?

The outfit is shaping up really well.

And in case you haven’t seen the trapper hat that goes with the outfit, here it is:

I’ve been slowly amassing pins to decorate her hat and I’m loving the BOMB ASS BITCH pin (which I destroyed accidentally and had to replace).

Also, of note:

Babes Against Bigots

Socially Awkward

Dismantle Patriarchy


And Punk is not Dead

All in all, the outfit is coming together nicely.

Even the black canvas utility belt I bought looks good with the outfit, so I’m 95% done with the costume.

All that’s left is to get the TANK belt buckle made into a belt with some orange cotton belting (hopefully something my shoe repair man can do).

And voilá. . .

Tank Girl!

Tank Girl Pins

Would any Tank Girl costume be complete without pins?

I found a couple online which are perfect for the outfit:

And since I’m expecting it to be hot on the playa, I also got camo shorts and a shortalls set just in case I need some cooler options:

And FINALLY, some dagger earrings to go with the outfit.

Needless to say, I’m totally in love with Tank Girl right now and can’t wait to assemble it completely to see how it looks!

Sight to see

Maybe I won’t do Tank Girl meets Ariana Grande.

They are too diametrically opposed and adding a long ponytail does not an Ariana Grande make.

Ariana is feminine in a flirty way whereas Tank Girl is more androgynous and sexy in a badass way.

I’ve decided that I’m just going with Tank Girl.

Today I got the camo pants in the mail.

I purchased a Tank Girl pin:

And a Tank Girl belt buckle which I’ll add to an orange belt:

And yes, I bought the star bikini top because it was on deep discount on Etsy and because I know it’ll make an impression:

I also got a trapper hat:

Today, I pulled all the parts of the outfit together using a black vinyl bikini top, and this is what I was able to get a picture of:

Now, all I have to add are my black boots and some military-esque pins and perhaps a bandolier of booze, like this one, but filled with itty bitty bottles of single-serve booze:

Won’t I be a sight to see?!