Tea – a drink with jam and bread

A few months ago , I was at a party with my friend Barbara.

A TEA party.

Yes, I went to something as dainty as a tea party.

It was a lot of fun – we dined on mini sandwiches with the crusts cut off and sipped on strawberry tea.

I believe there was even a scone or two.

The one thing that BLEW ME AWAY at the party was the tea pot.

It was an electric kettle which would heat the water up to the perfect programmed temperature, then drop a basket with the tea leaves down into the water and steep for the prescribed amount of time before hoisting the basket out of the water.

Voila!  A perfectly made pot of tea.

Well, Barbara has this exact teapot (which I priced at Amazon somewhere around $250).

So obviously she is a fan of tea.

And if you’re reading this Barbara, stop or else you’ll spoil your birthday present.

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So for her birthday, I bought her the MOST AMAZING BOXED SET OF TEA OUT THERE.

I bought her the Flavored Tea Tasting Set from Palais des Th├ęs.

All the way from France, folks.

She gets to try 10 new blends of teas – both black and green teas – to her hearts content.

I think I nailed it again this year with the birthday present!