Shock and awe

One of the things I LOVE about The Swede is that he’s a newbie to the burn.

It’s so much fun acculturating someone to the principles and what to expect when you’re on the playa.

Apparently, the acculturation starts now, though.

While we were FaceTiming, I happened to mention that I bought a ticket to the burn for him.

He said, “I have to go to Burning Man now.”

Of course I told him I could sell it in a hot minute, no problemo.

But it cracked me up that he didn’t know tickets sold out in 30 minutes when they went up for sale.

He’s blessed to have me as a friend looking out for him!

I still am not 100% sure he’ll be at this burn.

I’ll believe it when he buys his ticket from me; that’s when I’ll know for sure he’s coming.

When he’s got skin in the game.

I think we will be tent camping at Burning Man.

  1. Because I can’t afford an RV on my own.
  2. So we can get some privacy (i.e. no Tejas).
  3. Because I kinda feel like everyone needs to experience their first Burning Man in a tent.

There’s something about having to figure out how to live out of a tent for a week in the desert that really drives the experience home.

You’re quite literally LIVING IN THE DUST.

You have to insulate your cooler.

You get to experience blazing hot temperatures in your tent during the day and freezing cold temperatures at night.

You have to fancy about with a shade structure, in the hopes it’ll help keep your tent cooler than a sauna.

In 2015, for my first burn, I had precisely 18 totes with all my supplies for the burn.


That’s how prepared I was.

Fortunately for The Swede, I have all the gear we’ll need to camp this year.

So he only needs to figure out what to wear.

Still, I can’t wait to see the look on his face when we hit the Gate line.

Shock and awe, folks.

At it’s best!

I’m going to Burning Man, and that’s final

the manGoing to Burning Man, and that’s final

One of the reasons I was hesitating to go to Burning Man this year is that I was reluctant to go through the whole process of setting up a tent and shade structure AGAIN.

It was a lot of work.

Last year I at least had the illusion of having a partner on playa.

This year I’m going it alone.

I worked up the courage to ask Tejas if I could stay in his RV and HE SAID YES!

So with that barrier removed, it looks like I’ll be going to Burning Man.


This year.

Our only dilemma is a privacy issue if each of us wants to get our groove on.

But I figure I can just go someplace else.

The one rule Tejas has is no sex in his bed.


The only time I had sex in the RV was at SoulFire, and I used the floor.

You see, it’s impossible to mattress dance properly in the bed over the cab, which is where I’ll be staying.

That bunk has “Missionary Only” written all over it which doesn’t work for this Cowgirl.

In any case, I’ve made up my mind that I’m going so I’m going.

Thanks Tejas!IMG_9368