The Endurance

A few years ago I took a survival course in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Among other things, I learned to build a debris shelter and start a fire with string, wood, and shavings.

I think it’s important to know some basic survival skills.

Granted, I’m not hiking anywhere besides well-traveled Bay Area hiking trails, but still. . .

I can hopefully help myself live long enough to be rescued, if I ever got lost in the woods.

Not surprisingly, I have a deep affection for survival stories.

My favorite survival story and the one I shared with my kids is the survival story of Ernest Shakleton and The Endurance.

Ernest Shakleton, an Antarctic explorer, got trapped in the ice during his expedition to cross Antarctica and somehow HE AND HIS WHOLE CREW managed to survive and be rescued two years after they set sail, thanks to his heroic efforts which included navigating the 720 nautical-mile open-boat journey to South Georgia Island where there was a whaling station.

[Note:  Shakleton actually landed on the WRONG side of the island and had to traverse the island to get rescued.]

It’s an AMAZING story of leadership.

In addition to having a small obsession with the story of The Endurance, I also have a thing for Mt. Everest.

How I’d love to hike to base camp in the Himalayas!

And that’s a far as I’d go.

At 26,000 feet, the human body starts to slowly die and the altitudes above 26,000 feet are known as “The Death Zone.”

The latest book I’m reading is called “The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told:  Seventeen Incredible Tales.”

More stories of adversity, survival and human triumph, both fiction and non-fiction?!

Well color me happy!