Fireman Fetish

I have a “friend.”

We’ve never met in person but somehow we wound up as Facebook friends.

I LOVE being his FB friend on account of he is very handsome AND a paramedic fireman.

Occasionally he sends me photos of him in his fireman gear and he always looks good enough to eat.

Have you ever met a fireman that wasn’t sexy?

He certainly brings up all sorts of “resuscitation” fantasies – from having to cut off my blouse to listen to my heartbeat to more deviously dark internal examinations.


I know.

I’m incorrigible.

But I can’t help it.

He’s sexy like his life depends on it.

And I am a single, red-blooded American woman with a HUGE fireman fetish.

RIP The Fireman

I’m always disappointed when I meet a new guy who I think is fantastic who turns out to only be a pervert.

Don’t get me wrong.  Some of my closest friends are perverted. And I suspect (okay, I KNOW) I am as well. It’s not that I mind perverts.

It’s just that I don’t want them to LEAD with that in our VERY FIRST conversation together.

Show me your character first THEN show me your eccentricities.

Take The Fireman for instance. Tall, handsome, heroic, and funny. There wasn’t much this guy had to do to get it right.

He was already tailor made for me.

And who doesn’t LOVE a fireman?

Then we had this exchange after talking about some of my earlier adventures – sky diving, running with the bulls, and racing stock cars.


The instant he sent me those texts, I wrote him off.

Big, red flags were blazing in front of my eyes.

I don’t want the first thought in his head to be about how good I am in bed. I want it to be about how awesome I am to hang out with.

So let’s just file The Fireman under “UNAVAILABLE” and move on from there.


Time to Celebrate

michelleTime to celebrate

I’m off dating restriction!!!

This means I can go out when I want with whomever I want.

And I’ve got four men who I like.

First, there’s The Fireman. Gotta love a man in uniform, especially a fireman. He’s tall, bald, and ever so good looking.

Next there’s The Israeli. He is (of course) Israeli. He took one look at my pictures and profile and asked me out on the spot. I love a spontaneous man. We’re going out tonight.

And then there’s The Vegetarian – a super sexy bald guy from the East Bay. He’s willing to come to me for a date so we will hopefully go out soon. Yes, he’s a vegetarian but I have no problem with that.  I’ve lived with it all my life.

And then there’s still The Hunk who has been busy moving but should be available this weekend for some fun. He’s a man of few words but A LOT OF ACTION. And did I mention that he’s grown a goatee?! Well, he has and it fills me with much titillation.


So there you have it. Four men to get to know and keep me occupied through the holidays.

One thing I’ve noticed about dating in your 30s vs dating in your 40s…. there’s a lot less hair. LOL

So many sexy bald men.